Text Book Case

First, let me apologize for being quiet for the last couple of days. I wasn’t able to write anything that would have made sense. I was also barely able to function all. My anxiety skyrocketed yesterday morning right after when my laptop crashed. I got into this state which automatically activated a “depressive mode” in … Continue reading Text Book Case

Cas d’Ecole!

D'abord, permettez-moi de m'excuser d'avoir été silencieux ces deux derniers jours. Je n'étais pas capable d'écrire quelque chose qui aurait eu du sens. J'étais aussi à peine capable de fonctionner. Mon anxiété est montée en flèche hier matin juste après que mon ordinateur portable s'est “crashé”. Cela m’a m'a mis dans un état qui a automatiquement activé un … Continue reading Cas d’Ecole!

True Facts and Figures About Bipolarity

“The important thing is to never stop questioning” Albert Einstein. I have read a countless number of articles, which triggered some questions as far as their veracity and accuracy. They are so many “facts”, opinions, statistics published out there by so many self-proclaimed experts on mental illness and bipolarity, that they’ve managed to generate massive … Continue reading True Facts and Figures About Bipolarity