Poem; Life

My late Mother used to say “A life passes by too quickly.” Yet some of us attempted to end it sooner. It is not a sign of weakness, quite the opposite We tried to end it as living became unbearable Too painful. We had no more strength to fight the demons Piercing anxiety lived within. … Continue reading Poem; Life


Enough is enough!

When would you say? It’s enough as far as wealth and power. Where is the fine line in the sand Maybe they aren’t any lines. I believe they are no lines. Do you?   Peace and serenity Lawerence Copyright July 2018  

Poem; Reason or Excuses.

Reasons or excuses! What is the difference between the two? Are they any? Used depending the context As one sees fit I bet they are more reasons than excuses As humans have a hard time apologizing I think they are one and the same.   Peace and serenity Lawrence Copyright © June 2018