I am an atheist but I pray.

I was up very early as my meds decide to. Soon It was going to be dawn, and I chose to go outside surrounded by nature. Looked at the sky changing color and smelt and felt the fresh breeze. All of this inspired me to pray, I am an atheist and but it doesn’t forbid … Continue reading I am an atheist but I pray.


Big Brother

It’s amazing how dependent I became on the internet. And I believe I am not the only out there. It reached as far as the interaction with the government, and all tax returns must be done if you reach a certain income and other departments as well. People from my generation and the previous one … Continue reading Big Brother

Poem; The Sun

This star that gives life. Has been gone for far too long. We miss it, and so is nature.  Why are you hiding? We have been waiting for you for so long. You have absent for over a month. It is affecting people. It is affecting me. Peace and serenity Lawrence Copyright© July 2018

Poem; Technology

When I was twenty in my twenties. We didn’t have many electronic gadgets. Wireless technology existed in sci-fi movies. My first cell phone looked like a small suitcase. Now a single one maybe more powerful than all of them combined. Smartphones are very new. Without it I'd feel lost, even though I've spent most of … Continue reading Poem; Technology

Poem; Fog.

Thick fog in July Very unusual and strange. Giving a weary feeling. It feels that it has isolated us Taking us to a world of fairy tales. Cutting us from today’s realities Part of me wishes that it would do just that.   Peace and serenity Lawrence Copyright July 2018