Poem; Escape

  How to escape this misery? All brought by anxiety. Depriving me of positivity. Stealing my joy and liberty. How do I get out? When I feel locked out. Negativity is all I seem to know about. There has to be a way out. Something or somebody. Must show me the path quickly. While I … Continue reading Poem; Escape


Poem; Fear.

  Fear became so strong. I know it is wrong. It kills every moment. It is omnipresent. It is suffocating. It is asphyxiating. Fear rules my living. It is not the beginning. Nor the end. That makes me frightened. This how the vicious spiral. Carries on without a battle. It paralyzes me. It will be … Continue reading Poem; Fear.

Poem; Anxiety

Anxiety. My enemy. Where do you come from? To take away my freedom. Haunting me with worries. Increasing my anxieties. Bringing chaos into my life. As well as strife. Why can’t I chase you away? You are constantly in my way. You’ll always be here. This is my fear.   Peace and serenity Lawrence Copyright … Continue reading Poem; Anxiety

Poem; Triggers

Unpredictable Undetectable Undesirable Most powerful From joyful To painful Undoubtedly Disruptively We are at their mercy They shift our mindset Our cycles are upset We are powerless and hope for the best.   Peace and serenity Lawrence Copyright © June 2018