Poem; Rage and Pain.

  Pain and rage You and I are not on the same page. You are embedded in my mind. I have no choice even though I can’t abide. You want conflicts and confrontations. I want peace and cooperation. You try to derail me. Instead of guiding me. You’re constantly aggressive. As if you were the … Continue reading Poem; Rage and Pain.


Poem; Early in the morning.

  5 am, not a sound. Except me who is around. Everybody else is sleeping. Still dreaming in the early morning. It feels peaceful. And restful. In an hour or so. Everybody will be on the go. The feeling will be gone. Until tomorrow’s dawn.   Peace and serenity Lawrence © June 2018

Poem; Pain.

Pain. You run through my vein. You run through my soul. You can kill my spirit. You love hurting, that’s all. I’m going to fight to save it. I will not let you take my inner being. Despite all your attempting.   Peace and serenity Lawrence Copyright © June 2018

Poem; Faith.

Have faith in yourself. Have faith in God. Have faith in the universe itself. Have faith against all odd. Prayers and meditation. Will be your salvation. Without it. You stand no chance to make it.   Peace and serenity Lawrence Copyright © June 2018