Poem; Money, the root of all evil.


“Money doesn’t make you happy.”
But guess what?
When you don’t have any?
It translates into survival
It becomes like a magic trick that solves all problems.
The worries and fears are running in loops.
I live in fear of not being able to feed my family.
To keep a roof over their heads.
It is simply awful
Without any money, you can’t live.
You feel ashamed and useless
That’s how I feel.
I don’t know what to do.
Like Sir Churchill’s quote says.
“When you go through hell, keep going!”
That is the only way to go, forward
As the alternative is unthinkable.


Peace and serenity
Lawrence Copyright © August 2018


15 thoughts on “Poem; Money, the root of all evil.

      1. Thank you so much for your compliments. I’m trying to improve by reading other poets, some serious, some fun. Saumya was instrumental by challenging me, time after time. One day I wrote my first poem ever on June 12, “challenge week 22…” which I dedicated to her and since then I haven’t stopped. I truly enjoy it.
        You might want to read my most successful one which is “Rejection”

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      2. I read it some time ago and it is a great poem. Your words send a powerful message. I like the concision of what you express using just a few nouns, verbs ending in -ing (which give the poem a feeling of lingering and thus making the reader empathise with your situation, “suffering”, “maddening”, “infuriating”), and a few past participles used as adjectives expressing the result of that situation, that is, how you feel: “distressed”, “isolated” and “segregated”.

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