Poem; Judged


You must be careful.
When mentioning your illness.
You need to trust whom you’ll tell.
Otherwise, it’ll come back like a revolving door.
How can I say it?
Because I lived it more than once.
It hurts.
It hurts the most.
With whom I thought were my closest friends.
On the other side of the spectrum.
I was pleasantly surprised by many.
With who came forwards and help me out.
Why so many pleasant surprises?
I presume, the one who changed wasn’t them but me.
My past choices were probably due to my condition.
Now I know better.
It was painful but needed.
As I want to live in peace and serenity.


Peace and serenity

Lawrence Copyright July 2018


8 thoughts on “Poem; Judged

  1. If friends do not understand friendship is accepting others for who they are with their up and downs, with their good and adverse situations in life, then they are not real friends. Sometimes you need to go through very harsh situations to learn to know who is a real friend, a person you can laugh and spend a nice time with, but also someone with a lending hand when things get tough. And this should be mutual. I like your poem for its honesty. You should be able to openly say you have this bipolar illness. I have great admiration for bipolar people; you are all usually highly intelligent and creative, so make the best out of it! 😊

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