Poem; Veil of darkness.


I feel the veil of darkness

as the night is settling in.

It is getting tighter and restrictive

Around my chest and throat.

It prevents me from sleeping

Sure hope it won’t go any further

I think I know what it is

And hope that I am wrong.


Peace and serenity

Lawrence Copyright July 2018


5 thoughts on “Poem; Veil of darkness.

      1. I believe everyone of us has that potential. If writing poems has become a new-found passion of yours you will necessarily be good at it. Your poems are heartfelt, therefore, authentic. That is why I like them so much. To write very good poetry implies having read and reading a lot. Our writing reflects our most inner fears and it is passion and therapy, so let us keep doing it. Also, I think you could publish a book later with all your poems and texts. This would help other people who are also bipolar. In this respect, your work is a great contribution.

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      2. Thank you very much it went straight to my heart You too, write with passion and sincerity.
        I will definitely write a poetry book, I need to write more. I currently wrote 89 poems.
        And hopefully, it will have the impact that you mentioned.

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