Poem; Mental mess.


Mental illness.

Mental mess.

Chronically ill.

Where is the thrill?

There is none.

There isn’t any fun.

Just misery.

Brought me to me via anxiety.

Which creates more havoc.

What’ else can I do Doc?

Before it’s too late.

Before I dissipate.


Peace and serenity

Lawrence Copyright July 2018


8 thoughts on “Poem; Mental mess.

  1. A very heartfelt poem as all yours. Please, keep writing and struggling. Love your poems, so honest, raw and touching. You have my full support as I am sure you have so many other people out there who think the same.

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      1. By the way, my last post is a review I wrote about a friend of mine’s book. My intention is to get him a few more readers as this friend has helped me so much. I think he is a very good writer who deserves more recognition (probably like you all). Perhaps you could check out this post? It means a lot to me, much more than all my humble writing attempts.

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