Poem; Outdoors.


Go outside early in the morning.
Sit down in the forest.
Listen to nature waking up.
It is magical.
You hear insects flying.
You hear some activity. 
Maybe some birds flying.
The sound of branches breaking.
Tell me that there is life out there.
Perhaps a deer.
The leaves are flickering
The sun is starting to shine through them.
I am starting to hear cars and trucks too
Which pollutes this magical moment
Hopefully, I’ll have the same tomorrow.


Peace and serenity

Lawrence Copyright © July 2018


4 thoughts on “Poem; Outdoors.

  1. I love unpolluted nature too. Your poems are very nicely penned and clear to understand, without very diificult metaphors or symbolic meanings. That is a great advantage to you because I believe your poetry to be quite accessible even to those people not used to reading poems. Great work!

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    1. Thank you very much for your compliments and your comment regarding my writing style. You are the first one ever to notice it, I am trying to keep it minimalistic as they all come from the heart, pain and joy that I experience.

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