I am an atheist but I pray.

I was up very early as my meds decide to.
Soon It was going to be dawn, and I chose to go outside surrounded by nature. Looked at the sky changing color and smelt and felt the fresh breeze.
All of this inspired me to pray, I am an atheist and but it doesn’t forbid me to pray.

I wrote down for you today’s morning prayer, to give you an idea of what they are like.

I prayed to the Cosmic Forces.
I prayed that Humans would stop destroying Earth.
I prayed for us to respect you as you are our Mother.
I prayed that people would understand that we exist because of you.
I prayed that lawmakers would treat your abuser like criminals and be punished as such.
I prayed the Forces to send me positive energy as I lack such.
I promise to try to emanate positive vibes towards people and you.
I promise to treat you as I would treat my mother.

Sometimes they are longer or shorter, but I do pray with all the faith that I possess.
I would hope that we, atheist, would get better treatment and stop saying we are worshipping the devil and other nonsense. We don’t believe in the existence of any God. We are not violent. From what I know nobody lost their lives in the name of atheism.

Peace and serenity



14 thoughts on “I am an atheist but I pray.

  1. I have found atheist to be way more moral then any person who claims a religion. I pray for those similar things. May nature have replenished you being out in it so early

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    1. You misunderstood me. What I was trying to say is that a lot of people think that we believe in the devil since we don’t worship any God(s). But I can assure you that no atheist worship neither a God or a devil. Most of us are kind and very open-minded.

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  2. I am an atheist myself, and when I have thoughts that might be close to prayer, I don’t necessarily pray to anything or anyone, but I just focus on regaining my energy, filling up my batteries and express both hope and despair. It is more like a solemn moment with myself when I acknowledge that I am just a part of the universe, of everything, and how tiny I am, at the same time recognizing the beauty of what that entails.

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    1. Totally agree and feel the same way. I called them prayers for the religious self-righteous people who despise and look down on us. We have the right “to pray” as well. Actually, I meditate a lot, to me, it is the ultimate means to get close to nature, the universe and ourselves.

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  3. Yes, atheists pray.

    You need to accept there are forces bigger than yourself.
    You will run into the bigger-than-you problems.
    I cannot control the whole world by myself, I cannot grasp the full complexity of it all, I cannot even get a fully consistent picture of who an what I am myself.

    In the despair of depression I see only these private ‘s.
    In better days there are other people, just like me trying to make the best of their lives, helping eachother, even me(!).
    Ofcourse there are the bad guyes, but that is the half full / half empty glass thing.
    I may get a glimpse of humanity, the earth we live on, all eternity, just by my imagination (A whole univers in my head!) an be part of it. That is close to divine.

    I see the same ‘s, but without the despair.
    If I -as an atheist- pray, it is mostly is wish for hope: please, ‘the big all’, show me how it is possible to live this life with some direction and feel being embraced by the big all.

    Two quote of dutch philosopher (Gude?) who died a few years ago :
    ‘I believe that we have a soul, but I dies with the body.’
    ‘I believe in life after death, but I will not be part of it.’

    That could be enough to live some sort of conscious responsible life.

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