Poem; Technology

ChangementContratHabitation et Panda 18 19
When I was twenty in my twenties.
We didn’t have many electronic gadgets.
Wireless technology existed in sci-fi movies.
My first cell phone looked like a small suitcase.
Now a single one maybe more powerful than all of them combined.
Smartphones are very new. Without it I’d feel lost, even though I’ve spent most of my life without it.

Progress will always win.
It’s up to us accept it.
I am powerfulness without a phone, no blog, no emails and so on.
Whether we like it or not, there is no way we can stop progress.

Peace and serenity



One thought on “Poem; Technology

  1. There is no way to stop progress, but we also have to learn how to deal with it. We do not want our minds anhiliated, so we must accept progress but, at the same time, be very critical of the well established structural powers that cause so much injustice.


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