Poem; Reason or Excuses.

reason or excuses

Reasons or excuses!

What is the difference between the two?

Are they any?

Used depending the context

As one sees fit

I bet they are more reasons than excuses

As humans have a hard time apologizing

I think they are one and the same.


Peace and serenity

Lawrence Copyright © June 2018


5 thoughts on “Poem; Reason or Excuses.

  1. I tend to think of reasons as factors that fundamentally contributed to a problem, while excuses are given to avoid responsibility and hide the true reasons. I think mental illness is often a reason for many of our problems, but it can also be used an excuse if we avoid taking any responsibility and don’t look for ways to manage the illness.

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    1. These are precisely my thoughts worded perfectly. I believe that one has to take ownership of his wrongdoing whether the person suffers from a mental illness or not. I think that stigmas hurt mentally ill people in so many ways and this is one of them as they don’t seek medical help for fear of finding out what they don’t want to know and face. And for that, there are no excuses.

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