Poem; Rage and Pain.



Pain and rage

You and I are not on the same page.

You are embedded in my mind.

I have no choice even though I can’t abide.

You want conflicts and confrontations.

I want peace and cooperation.

You try to derail me.

Instead of guiding me.

You’re constantly aggressive.

As if you were the only alternative.

You can try all you want, you two.

But my mind is stronger than both of you.

Peace and serenity

Lawrence© Copyright June 2018


8 thoughts on “Poem; Rage and Pain.

  1. Lawrence, you are an inspiration my friend. I still remember when you first dabbled in poetry, unsure you could produce a quality poem. And to noones surprise, your work shined and continues to shine brighter with each new effort. We are so proud of you and the progress you make. Great work, friend.

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