Poem; My Mother

I miss her tremendously.
My eyes are getting teary.
It was ten years ago.
She had to go.
My confidant is gone.
Her unconditional love is gone.
She was my rock.
And I am still under the shock.
That she won’t come back.
I have to accept this fact.

Peace and serenity

Lawrence Copyright © June 2018


18 thoughts on “Poem; My Mother

  1. Dear Lawrence, no matter how painful the situation we must learn to let go and accept loss. I have read some philosophy and psychology books that have helped. Husband, friends and a psychologist have helped too. My father died in 2015 and he was also my rock. He made me a stronger person. I am usually very creative and believe our creativity always helps. Keep writing and sharing. What you do is precious for all of us. Have a lovely day! 🌷🌈☀️😊

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind message and suggestions. I believe I am done with grieving process but for some reason, I was missing her so much this morning but I am better already. I will keep on writing from my heart as it is the only way I can. Thank you so much for caring

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  2. This resonates with me. I miss my parents desperately. I hope you’re feeling better now? I did read somewhere that grief is like waves crashing on top of you … initially they’re huge, constant and knock you down time after time, then they lessen in their fury marginally, but occasionally a big one comes and because you’re not expecting it, it knocks you for six (perhaps that’s what happened to you??), and then finally it is just a slowly rocking sea that we almost learn to live with, with the occasional wave but we can cope. This made sense to me, sorry for wittering on, but if it helps you, then it will have been worth it. Katie x


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