Poem; Desire or not!



What does your heart desire?
What does your mind desire?
They are two of a kind living under the same roof.
One can be fun and aloof
The other one too pragmatic and boring
Which one to chose between this pairing
As a bipolar, we have to make these decisions daily
Some are serious, and others can be made casually
Being depressed, in hypomania or mania has a huge impact.
It will change our decisions and the way we will react.
This rules our lives, does it not?
Desire or not!


Peace and serenity

Lawrence Coyright © June 2018


7 thoughts on “Poem; Desire or not!

  1. You are sending a very powerful message to the people who do not know about bipolars. I have more than a friend and you are all geniuses, so intelligent. A few days ago I learned that Virginia Woolf was also bipolar. I like this poem very much, so impacting and catharctic. Brilliant job!

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