A trip to the mall.

For me, there aren’t many activities that I cannot stand but one of them going to a shopping center.
They’re overcrowded filled with smelly people touching you, making me feel that my private sphere is being invaded. To me is downright disgusting too and could possibly trigger something which has not happened, thankfully, for the past few years now as I have been avoiding such situation as much as possible. But who knows with these triggers, I don’t want to dare the devil. I use the internet to buy as many things as possible to avoid crowds and don’t have to deal with people.

The reason I went to the mall, was to please one of my boys for his birthday. He turned fifteen today and was so happy for the program set up for him from breakfast to dinner. We started the day with a fantastic breakfast that his mum made, he then went on to read his cards and open his presents, they were small things and all homemade. He was thrilled.

On our way out we found out that one of our cars wasn’t starting and couldn’t be jump-started with our other vehicle as they were back to back, without any space to move the car’s position. My wife and I were scratching our head to find a solution, but none were coming up. I was starting to get close to a full anxiety crisis when my wife came up with a great idea which was to stop people on the road and ask them to help us jump start the car. It took at least ten cars before somebody who knew us stopped by.
I had trouble to connect the wires as I was shaking like a leaf due the anxiety crisis but managed to hook them up, but nothing was happening, the car wasn’t firing up, but we knew for sure that it was a battery problem as the light come one on the dashboard. We guessed that it was because the lady’s car was too small and we have a large V8 to crank up.
So we went back to our road to stop a larger car which took forever until finally a car stopped with foreign license plate and helped us out. It took a few tries, and then it started up, and everybody was relieved and happy.
Once we reached the mall, my wife and I came up with the idea to let them loose as he is fifteen, after all, to give him some freedom and the responsibility of his brother. We stayed at the mall in a coffee shop, had several beverages and waited for them to be done with whatever the needed to do. We were only one phone call away if they were any problems.
They came back to join us after a few hours and showed us proudly what they had found on sales and a few electronic gadgets. They looked so happy which made us happy and made me forget the trip to the mall and our earlier car worries.
We drove back home which usually takes about an hour, everything went smoothly, no drama this time.
Once home we cut the cake and my wife made an excellent dinner to end the day on a high note.
Once again I started the day expecting the worse. But with the help of my wife positivity, things brightened up.
Through positive thinking, things will change, and you will find a way out.

She was right and a good, positive lesson for me.

Do you expect the worse as well when something goes wrong?


Peace and serenity




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