Poem; Nowhere to go.



My mind is numb.
Numb by pain.
No dark thoughts.
But still isn’t tolerable.
Don’t know how to sooth it.
Not even dreaming of stopping it.
I don’t know what to do.
There isn’t anything that can be done.
I am trapped in my own mind.
I have nowhere to go.


Peace and serenity



9 thoughts on “Poem; Nowhere to go.

  1. I may not have the faintest idea what I am.
    However: the meaningless words that slip my mind and tell me they are my thougts are not.
    The dark feeling that tells me it is my feeling is not.
    There is some core something and that maybe me. Could? Is!
    It always was me, hopefully always will be.

    Not the black stone of depression.
    Not the speed of light waterfall of mania.
    These are not what I am.
    Both are volatile.

    Not the faintest idea of what and who I am.
    But I sort of know him.
    And I know I ‘ll be back, when I am absent.

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