Poem; Rejection.














These are my feelings, today after being rejected.

33 thoughts on “Poem; Rejection.

  1. Lawrence, I hope things get better for you. Getting rejected and turned down is a terrible feeling but know that you aren’t alone. You’re extremely strong and intelligent and the people who are turning you down are at a loss. Not you. All my support and best wishes, friend

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    1. Thank you so much for your message. Your comments reflect exactly what I was trying to convey and it makes me happy that I’ve achieved it. Your analyses are the best feedback and help me to better myself and write more pertinent poems. I will definitely read your post with great pleasure. Thank you again for your support

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  2. I recently heard that Rejection is actually an inherent threat- almost as intense as threat to your life… think of the tribes and communities long ago- if you were cast out, you would literally die… (lack of food/resources/shelter)…. so any kind of rejection can bring up intimate fear and pain…

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