Damaging stigmas.

I had a business meeting with one of the worst kind of individual that I call; the fake empaths.

They have this look of pity on their face which you can see right through it; “better him than me.” The fake empath recommendations and advice are so basic and obvious and usually said with a condescending tone. It took me all the restraint in the world to avoid a confrontation.

They all have one thing in common; they are all stupid. These fake empaths are so full of themselves, failing to see that their advice given are so generic and obvious. Such advice like “You should seek help, professional one” to name one. If their few neurons were connected, they should figure out that we already have been gone through it or tried it and that we didn’t wait for their wisdom to shine on us.

Sorry, I am just venting, I am sick and tired of being prevented from being part of the workforce and an asset to society because of morons ruling it.

It is mainly due to all the stigmas surrounding us, the World Health Organisation issued a study confirming it. Stigmas are one of the most detrimental factors.

It is incredible that society is segregating us instead of treasuring us and use us as we have so much to offer. It is a fact that we are much smarter and far more creative than the rest of the population, these facts were also confirmed by a study issued by the World Health Organization.

History proved it through larger than life personalities, and the list is long, I will mention two extraordinary gentlemen. The first is Sir Winston Churchill; if it hadn’t been for him we would not live in a free world, he was always outside the box which caused him enough headaches and heartaches but as an outstanding politician and human being he knew how to play the game. The other gentleman is Elon Musk, a pure genius. I won’t go through is accomplishments as there are so many current articles about him describing his career which isn’t over yet.

To go back to my earlier point about society rejecting us instead of welcoming us. I often asked myself why. As I put in one of my poems, I believe the reason is fear as all they know about us is through stigmas, maybe the two more damaging are the fact that we are more intelligent than the norm and incredibly creative. And it dawned on me that whoever is hiring us ultimately fears for his position. Also, I believe that they don’t want somebody who is smarter and more creative in their team than they are. We are perceived as being potentially dangerous for their careers.

I think these stigmas are the most damaging even though they are not negative but they alienate us from the population and to top it off we are known for our “outside the box” mentality.

It has been five years now that I am looking for a job, sent over one thousand two hundred resumes or CV, had several interviews, but as a former coach of mine said, my CV is too powerful and transpires bipolarity. He believes that at my age and condition the only option is to work independently which I am trying to do but…


Peace and serenity










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