Poem; Dusk



The dreadful dusk
We’re neither here or there
The most depressive time a day
Twilight sounds more magical
More regal
But at the end, it is the same
The night comes and settles in
With all the nightmares
That come along


Peace and serenity

Lawrence    Copyright © June 2018


15 thoughts on “Poem; Dusk

    1. Agreed, the words are all beautifully written. This is a reflective poem about human existence, therefore, very philosophical, about what we fear most which is symbolised by the night getting closer seen as a terrible threat. It could be open to many interpretations as to what the coming of the night represents, all of them having to do with anxiety. The poem itself sounds very musical to me when read aloud. The rhymes contained in “there” and “here”, “magical” and “regal” contribute to this musical flow. Also, I find the visual shape of your poem interesting. It reminds me of a misshapen ball, circle or moon with a dent in the middle carved with the verse “More regal”. It is as though some symetry is being looked for as it starts with a 4-syllable verse while the rest becomes between 5-8 syllables, then just 3 with the dent as if it were a sharp knife producing a short break, then again a smilar 5-8 structure as before and the ending with exaclty the same 4 syllables of the opening verse. Somehow, this visual shape of the poem reinforces the meaning of the words contained, as if trying to look for symetry or balance but not being able to fully succeed because of the night’s threat. Excellent work, keep writing poems!

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      1. Waooh! What a beautiful and overwhelming compliment. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.
        I do enjoy writing poems, I find it to be the best vector to convey my thoughts and emotions on all type of topics, from dark to light. Everything I write comes from my heart and spirit. Thank you so much for reading my poems and your comments. What a gift it was when I woke up!

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