Introvert or Extrovert?

I look through several official descriptions of what is an introvert and its contrary. They were plenty good ones but I choose the ones from the Oxford Dictionary as it’s definition was from a philosophical point of view.

Let me give you what dictionary states for an introvert:  a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.

Now the definition of an extrovert: a person predominantly concerned with external things or objective considerations.

Often enough I am asked if I am an introvert or an extrovert and often enough I can’t answer. In both cases, it has an impact on my daily life, work and socially? I believe I am both. It all depends on my state of my mind, the people involved, the surrounding and so on. All of which plays an essential part in whether I am an introvert and an extrovert.

Let me give you another situation to explain my thoughts. My ex-brother in law who happens to be on the most prominent criminal trial lawyer in the US. He can’t crack a joke, he is totally awkward socially and shies away from the crowd. By this description, he clearly fits the introvert but then how do you explain his faculty to be such at ease and adequate with his colleagues and work as well as performing superbly in a courtroom, where he is an extrovert.

Unless of extreme cases, I believe that we are both and a multitude of factors come into play for our behavior in a specific situation. For me, it isn’t possible to classify people as such.

What I would rather do is to split people as reserved and non-reserved. These two categories do not take into account if the person is shy or not, as I believe, it has no bearings in my categories.

To be reserved is a choice, you chose privacy versus the other. It is not dictated by shininess or being intro or extrovert.

Exactly the same statement for the non-reserve people the same applies. You can very well be shy and introvert, but once you trust someone you become, non-reserved

This is my own opinion and can be totally “out there,” but I feel strongly about it as this topic always disturbed me and didn’t want to be put in such box

This problem starts early In life as I see my two teenage boys being already confronted by it. They don’t seem to be affected by, but I know they will when they’ll be asked or told that they are an intro or extrovert.

What is your opinion on this matter? Where do you think you fit?


Peace and serenity










14 thoughts on “Introvert or Extrovert?

  1. I’m not a fan of of the OED definition, as it seems to refer more to a chosen frame of reference than a psychological trait. I prefer definitions of introversion and extroversion that focus on whether an individual feels drained or energized by social situations, as this seems like something that is likely to be a consistent trait over time. Behaviour, such as being reserved or unreserved, is a choice, like you say. I consider myself an introvert because I need alone time to recharge, but my behaviour varies depending on the situation.

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  2. A very valid question, and one I have never really had an easy time with. I also agree that it can be contextual, though we have tendencies one way or another. Mental health challenges also make it less clear, as we often don’t know our exact motivation at any given time.

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  3. I am both i think? With my job i need to be extrovert but with the rest of my life i am introvert. I am a very private person in the flesh. Something that frustrates and confuses some. But hey that just the way i am cant be helped. Good thought provoking post mate…….

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      1. Yes we certainly do have a lot on common. Life is very much like that sometimes. There are people who are close and have a lot in common then there are people that have many many miles separating them and have a connection. I am glad somebody gets me. I feel isolated in my thinking in my local area……

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