Age and bipolarity.

I am going to start by apologizing for my lack of productivity. I usually try to write one post and one poem a day, but I have not been doing so well these past few days and couldn’t get myself to write or do anything, except sleeping.

I have been trying to find some relevant studies relating to aging with bipolarity. I have found some but none of the information that I was looking for. Maybe I missed the relevant articles, as there is no much out there. Most of it is nonsense, and for some, you need to have a medical background in neuroscience to understand anything.

Two subjects came up several times; one is that our cognitive capacity tends to decrease with age and second, is the fact that all research that I’ve read indicate that we die earlier than the rest of the population, the time span varies from ten to thirty years.

The two examples mentioned above were corroborated with statistics issued by the World Health Organization.

Another finding that was mentioned as well is the size of the amygdala which is apparently growing as you get older and has some impact on the right and left lobe. I wasn’t able to verify it or cross check it effectively.

What I was looking for were some facts mentioning some depression/hypomania ratio taking into account age. A chart showing the correlation or de-correlation between the depression and mania or hypomania with age.

The reason that sparked this curiosity is the fact that I can’t remember the last time I had experienced a manic episode. I don’t want to give the wrong impression by implying that I miss these states of mind as they bring my anxiety level through the roof.

I am just curious to know to know if bipolarity evolves with age.

As I am growing older, it seems I suffer far more from depression than hypomania, this may be due to the treatment that I was under, and hopefully, with the new one, I won’t find myself lost in the misery of constant depressive state.

How do you feel? Do you think age has a bearing on your state of mind?

I am bringing this up because of my new treatment that seems to be powerful as it is currently disrupting my daily life. It should only last for about ten days, and then the new medication should be integrated with the rest of them.


I’d like to conclude with the following.

Us bipolars are a tough bread. Being bipolar is tough in our daily lives, our bodies, our families. Tough is probably an understatement. We have to face so many challenges to be able to function in society. One of these challenges is medication, as we don’t have a “bipolar pill” unfortunately. Our illness is always evolving which complicates matters. But we are here, and a force to be reckoned with. Some of us have/had great careers and are achieving a lot professionally and/or for the betterment of our cause. We are not by any means a lost cause, and we can make a difference and we will if we believe in it. One of our challenges is to get united, and I think it is possible thanks to the internet. I am neither proud or not to be bipolar. It is just who I am and have come to accept it with its pros and cons. I dislike when people who do not have our illness tell me that it doesn’t define me. Of course, it defines me. I am where I am right now because of all the decisions made came from me, my brain which is chemically unbalanced. I have done some great things and not so great, but I stand by them. This who I am.


Peace and serenity










10 thoughts on “Age and bipolarity.

  1. We are what we are. We find the solutions which are best or know.
    No one understands you better than yourself. That’s the way it is.
    Let’s stay in peace with ourselves. I am not bipolar but just a little freaky.
    I just need to keep to stay in touch with myself just like everybody else.
    For me that’s the most important. I cried often because others don’t understand it,
    but it’s okay. It is what it is. I at least know who I am. Peace,

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  2. I think the depression gets worse with age as we get wiser and feel the weight of our regrets. Also for me I was diagnosed later and am on meds that stop the mania easier them the depression anyway just my thoughts on the matter

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