Poem; Broken Bowl.


Something sad happened.

My bowl broke.

It was almost my age.

A piece of my life is gone.

I used it every morning.

Cannot be repaired.

It wasn’t an object of any value.

It may have been worth nothing.

But nobody can price sentimental value.

It is often discarded

Even though it is crucial.

Only hearts and souls

Can price it.


Peace and serenity

Lawrence Copyright © May 2018


13 thoughts on “Poem; Broken Bowl.

  1. It’s so incredible how the smallest things can sometimes affect us in the most profound ways. Have a post to publish about that soon. Thanks for putting it so beautifully. The little things matter. They always do ☺️

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  2. I am so sorry about this bowl…………..it is sad to lose something you love, especially when it cannot be mended or replaced………..and something that is so sentimental. It’s so weird how things like this makes us feel……..for me, I tend to internalize the loss.

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  3. Nice work. Sorry i have been a bit quiet lately. Trying to concentrate on so many fronts currently. Fighting hard to sort myself out, not sure if its working as there are still habits that i cannot shake. As a school teacher wrote about me once “needs to try harder” how those words are coming back to haunt me………..Peace and Love

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