Walk The Talk, May 2018

Walk the talk 1

We got up early and left ahead of time as we didn’t want to miss this event. It was a first for both us, and were pretty excited about it and didn’t know what to expect.

It was a good thing that we left a bit earlier as we faced two long detours as other sporting events took place on Sunday as well.

We got there just in time before the start. The idea behind this event was really good as we had a choice between a run of 42km or three walking options: 3km, 4.2km, and 8.5km. Along the way, you had to stop at checkpoints and answer questions, and if you answered correctly, you would get a t-shirt at the finish. We decided to challenge ourselves for the 8.5km walk. It was such a beautiful day with the perfect temperature, and the itinerary was fantastic. So we did it by the book and had our answers ready which we showed at the finish but didn’t get any t-shirts as they underestimated to amounts of participants. I was upset for my boy mainly as he was so proud to have achieved this challenge. They told me that they were expecting a thousand people and two and a half thousand showed up. How can you be so wrong is estimating the number of people when the core of your organization is to predict and assess people in all sort of different issues. It makes you wonder how efficient they are.


Besides this significant blunder, there wasn’t anything mentioned about Mental Health. I was shocked and saddened by it as I was expecting something since it is our month, but nothing; no documentation or a pin and even a special t-shirt. If the main Health Organisation in the world isn’t acknowledging us. It is going to be extremely difficult to raise awareness when they don’t even get involved.

I still feel that we need an NGO run by us through a foundation. I believe it is the only way to start changing the perception of mentally ill people and have a platform to raise our legal status as parity with the rest of the population and by doing so, through the process, we will break stigmas along the way. My foundation business plan is near completion, and once it is one hundred percent ready to go, I’ll start my quest for the funding. I’ve tested the waters already, and it is going to be a huge challenge I am afraid.


Peace and serenity



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