Boring but necessary.

Today could be defined as boring, In my case boring is good as I can rest my mind and body. To be honest, my mind doesn’t stop it relentlessly tries to go to dark places, but I fight it with ease when the days are quiet. This is what I meant when I say that my mind was resting. There was a total absence of a traumatic event, drama, and additional problem.

Still, one event happened today; I went to the bank.

Banks only lend to rich people; that is a fact which was confirmed this afternoon. I went to see my banker. He is a lovely guy, always trying to help, to find solutions but this time he wasn’t able to do so. He was candid and humble by admitting that my request was above his current level of competence, which was refreshing. Having said that he found a way to postpone my problem for the next three month. I understand and respect that he couldn’t or didn’t want to take the responsibility in this complicating refinancing scheme on his own. I am extremely grateful that he found a temporary solution. He also mentioned, which shocked me, to go and check other banks to see what they would come up with. This guy is a class act, and I hope that he’ll prosper.

I am still left with my problem but the landscape as completely changed as I have three months to find a solution. This is a massive improvement, and I shouldn’t downplay it as I would usually do. According to all of you, I have to learn how to take credit when credit is due and be pleased when the situation improves, even if it is for a little bit. This is to keep the low of positivity going.

My plan now is to find out and check out several other banks and figure out if my scheme interests them or not. If I reverse the role, I will strike the deal as the bank as zero risk due to the collateral being far more valuable than the new mortgage. But I am not a banker anymore, and God knows what sort of new rules and requirements they have now.

That’s it for me for today. It’s a short one but positive.

Peace and serenity






6 thoughts on “Boring but necessary.

  1. I struggle with my inner critic at times. It seems you have trouble with yours too, It is important we learn to give ourselves a pat on the back every now and again. Thank you for the reminder that we all need to give ourselves credit occasionally.


    1. I have a major trouble with giving myself credit for anything. It is only of late that I am working on it and realized the damage that it does if we don’t give ourselves a pat on the back. I know the reasons as why I am like this. It is purely due to a very strict upbringing. I guess we are still a work in progress whether we are young or old!

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  2. I constantly criticise myself you are certainly no alone in that respect. I find it impossible to accept praise from people too. I just do not believe them when they say good things about me or to me. I always look for the negative in the statement.

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    1. I don’t think we alone in this case, according to some comments that I’ve received. My favorite shrink was convinced that self-praise is essential otherwise we’re always in failure which is extremely dangerous. We have to make an effort on this, I understand it is tough but necessary.

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