I think I did it!

Today was a pleasant non-eventful day for anyone who doesn’t suffer from any disorder and functions without medication.

But for somebody like me, I have to say that is a great productive day filled with initiative and results.

I know it sounds grandiose and when you see what I have done is no great shakes in term of accomplishments, but I am finally starting to listen to you all and take credit however small and to be gentle with myself. This is what I am trying to do as the evening starts, make a summary of the positive things that I have done which comes up to four.

Like I said they are not extraordinary accomplishments;

The main one would be the car. We are stuck in the boondocks with one car functioning. It is quite a challenge and a balancing act to manage with one vehicle as we have to take and pick up the boys from school, my wife to travel to and from her workplace. Fortunately, the only conflicting days with me were last Monday which we solved and next Tuesday which we have a solution. It took me nine hours before finding the solution. Surprisingly I was quite resourceful, when option one, the car insurance and its coverage didn’t pan out as planned as they will only tow your car if you are thirty kilometers or more away from home! How stupid is that? I tried to call my international car coverage from another insurance company which I used recently for the same problem. I was concerned that they might not want to pick up the car as they already have recently assisted us with this problem. But they did, and they solved the mater in couple hours. The car is now at the garage where they’ll plug the computer on and run a diagnostic on it. I must admit that I am apprehensive. My mind always goes for the worst case scenario. Can’t help it!

The second one would be that I took the initiative to clean the stove, don’t laugh! It is no small job as it is a professional cooker. I don’t know what motivated me to do so, but I am pleased as I know my wife will be happy to see it clean after a long day at work.

The third one was to make a fire in our main wooden stove to take away the dampness and cold throughout the house. It is unusually cold for this time a year. The cold doesn’t bother me; therefore, I don’t think of doing so, except today.

The fourth was to renew contact with old friends who are always traveling. We enjoy their companies a lot, and the reason we lost touch for a while was due to them losing their cell phones as their boat tipped over near South America. I can’t wait to have the full story as we should see them in June.

This was my day! Eventfull or not, depending on which side of the fence you are. But for me who suffers from an anxiety disorder and bipolarity, well knowing that I can procrastinate for days, even weeks over things. I am pleased with myself, I got things done, which is a new approach that I was told to practice by many of you which is to be gentle with myself.

I think I did it.

Peace and serenity





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