The Brotherhood of the World Award


I want to thank Moyatory so much for nominating me for this prestigious award. I am very honored and humbled by the fact that he chose me. His address moyatori . 

I strongly suggest you that you take a look at his blog as it is very interesting and extremely well done.


  • Thank the Person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions sent to you.
  • Nominated around 10 bloggers.
  • Create your own set of questions for your nominees and display the rules.


1. This world has tasty food. That’s for sure and every culture has a specific fabulous dish. People should refrain from having preconceived ideas as which country or culture has to offer. I have traveled the world quite a bit and this is what I’ve found out.

2. Weekends. are a savior but it should be the other way around. Five days off and two days work.

3. Obligations. As a father a three, you are bound to have loads of obligations. Sometimes it is overwhelming and teenagers can be challenging but I keep telling myself that they didn’t ask to be here. I wanted them to be.

4. Singing in the shower. Don’t do it anymore for some unknown reasons. I used to do it a lot when I was younger or maybe I don’t want to hurt my ears anymore.

5. The shortness of life. In my case, I have lived many lives as I was so fortunate to have. I was to live tomorrow, I would have nothing to regret.

6. The fear of death. Absolutely none. Actually, I would welcome it as I am tired to live this constant fight with the illness which seems to be getting worse as time goes by.

7. Not liking to lose. I can’t stand to lose at anything. Age hasn’t improved anything in this chapter.

8. The prospect of love. I’ve been there and done that. Way overrated as I see it. But it is very personal experience and sure hope so that it isn’t the case for everybody.

9. Fantasizing. Used to and don’t anymore because that’s all they are fantasies. At my age, I want the real stuff.

10. My pillow Agyagya. Yes, my pillow has a name. It has several special pillowcases too, and I like it the most in moss green. When I fantasize, Agyagya is usually with me. On very rare occasions, Agyagya is also a punching bag.

11. Supportive people. I believe I can write a book on how supportive people become unsupportive…I have my immediate family and a couple of friends. And last but not least the WordPress community which has been terrific from the first day I started blogging

12. People to support. My family which I can barely support because of my financial situation and no jobs.

13. My enormous to-do lists. I am not looking at it anymore!

My Nominees:

In A Messy World





Fingers To Sky

Universe Theyself

Jyoti Jain Soni




If I nominate you, feel free to decline it, it is not an obligation! Since I’m lazy (just like two predecessors), the questions in theBrotherhood Award will be reused.

Have fun.

Peace and serenity




8 thoughts on “The Brotherhood of the World Award

  1. I’m honoured you got to my award so soon! I also chuckled a bit for the fact that you took my 13 reasons to keep going and commented on them rather than list 13 reasons of your own. Thanks for participating!

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