Testing is necessary but they are limits…

I don’t mind being tested or challenged to check where my breaking point is but I believe that there should be a limit to everything. I was doing fine as you read in my latest post and was extremely happy to see that I had found a way to put a positive spin or events. The strongest test being my incident with my phone falling into my engine compartment followed with my spouse’car problem that same evening.

The following day was a restful one, and I took it as a token of appreciation from the Forces for the way I handled everything including the face off with the English teacher who graded poorly and unjustifiably my boy’s performance.

Well, last night I was furious against the Forces as there is so much I can take. And in this case, I don’t know where the silver lining is. I was in a great deal of pain topped off by a humongous level of anxiety and rage. Exactly where I don’t want to be.

Yesterday around 5 pm, my wife’s car was stuck on the roadside, about 30 minutes away from our house, in the middle of nowhere as you couldn’t see any dwellings and one hour away from our boys’ school. I decided first to go to my wife, like this she would be able to take my car and pick up the boys up as they could wait in the massive and beautiful library the town has just renovated.

Off I went to my wife. The car seems to have a major problem, and I wasn’t able to restart it. We decided for her to go pick up the boys and I would take off the broken car. I call roadside assistant which are far most efficient and accommodating in handling your payments than helping you to get out of a jam. It took about thirty minutes on my cell phone to try to find who could help me have the car towed back to my house. Finally, she figured it out told me to stand by my cell, and someone will call me. Twenty minutes after I had some genius calling me and couldn’t figure out where I was but finally did. He told me that he would be coming by in forty-five minutes. I that very moment I hang up the phone with a grunt. I was fuming and was beyond angry.

Surprisingly the man showed up precisely forty-five minutes and look at the car and started to tell me what could be wrong which was absolute nonsense. I am not a mechanics, but I have learned somethings about vehicles along the way, and I shut this moron mouth fairly quickly. I don’t know if it is because he was afraid of getting floored or I happened to be right for the car. Then, he went on he couldn’t take my car home because it was too far and outside in jurisdiction. At this point I almost lost it beyond repair, maybe the forces realized it. I started to shout at him that I was paying top dollar for this insurance regarding this very point which is to bring my car where I want being Paris or my village and that it was his responsibility to take me home. My language was a bit more colorful even though I don’t like profanities. He tried to tell me that it was going to cost me more money, then I heard of peace of my mind. He drove me home with his tail in between his legs.

The Forces have gone too far. There isn’t anything positive about this with this episode. We have a significant problem on our laps. We probably can’t afford to have the car fixed as it looks like a serious one, we cannot afford to buy another used car, my wife needs wheels for her job, and I need my car to go to Geneva on Monday for my English lessons. We don’t know what to do. Why give me this huge challenge at this point as I was rebuilding my spirit and confidence slowly.

Maybe the Forces will realize they’ve made a mistake and give us a break. I will try to keep this positive view.

Peace and serenity




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