I had his back.

Today was an uneventful day; without any drama, problems, phone calls and so on. Except for one episode.

I believe the Forces wanted it this way, like a token of appreciation or rewards on how I’ve dealt with the last few days which were action-packed.

I needed a rest.

I got up very early, as usual, to get ready to take the boys to school as there is no margin for error because of the heavy-duty construction work on the road. After I’ve dropped them off, I am ample time to come back home the regular way before they blocked the road for the day.

Once home I’ve sent my poem for the day and right after I felt exhausted and sleepy (this was around 8:30 am), and I did something that I never do which is to go back to bed.

And I woke up at 2:30 pm. I needed it badly as this was a reconstructive sleep which was very much different from the “depression’s sleep.”

I don’t know what happened to me today and I am quite puzzled as it is a new scenario, I’ve never felt this way. I felt re-energized, calm and collected. I don’t know what the forces did to me, whether it is my new inner voice or the angels of brightness won a significant battle against the others, but I feel rejuvenated. I must admit I am happy.

Then I took a quick look at my blog and received so many wonderful messages of support, comfort, and appreciation that I could not help to have tears of joy trickling down my cheeks.

The clock was ticking, and I have to get ready to pick up the boys from school and especially to get ready to have a major showdown with one of my boy’s English teacher who gave him a 10 out of 20 in an oral presentation. My boy who has read all the major English classic writers and now is tackling Molière and so forth. At the age of eleven, he had already read the entire series of Harry Potter seven time over. This kid asks for books for Christmas, only books. Last Christmas he managed to finish one book while we were celebrating and exchanging gift. Yes, he can be socially awkward as so many super-gifted children.

The teacher that I have to face has a fake strong British accent allegedly picked up after one year living in the UK. I requested to have the meeting in English and English only, as I wanted to see what she’s capable of. Pathetic. She gave my boy two zeros on vocabulary and grammar and believed me he has more vocabulary than me. He is my “English Google.”

Half an hour before the meeting I received a phone call from my wife telling that the car was completely out of order and that I needed to come urgently to help her out. The computer was showing the following message “Engine failure.” I thought that was a bit drastic and I reckoned that it was a computer glitch. Once I’ve reached where she was, about 30 minutes away from home, I was able to reboot the computer. Very easy to do; unhook the battery for about 30 seconds, and most car’s computers are reset afterward. Sure enough, it did the trick.

All of this with total serenity and absence of panic or anxiety. This angel of positivity is mighty. He was there and showed up when needed. Now I am entirely convinced that he lives within me.

Now I had to rush to school to have this meeting and settle the matter once and for all. I made it almost in time only 15 minutes late, but they were aware of it as my wife called them up. I crushed her without profanity, sarcasm but with hard cold facts. I insisted on the meeting to take place in English which was disturbing her. By the end of the meeting which lasted about 30 minutes, she was discombobulated not finding her notes, glasses, agenda and so on. She even lost her fake English accent. I obtain what I wanted which was the removal of the ten out 20 grade, and a new graded presentation will replacing it on May 17. And if I am not happy with the result, she will do another one.

I am very proud of myself as I didn’t get emotional, didn’t lose my temper. I didn’t lose my negotiating skills and obtained what I wanted and crushed her BS at the same time. I prove to myself that I still have what it takes.

But most of all I had my kid’s back.

Peace and serenity





13 thoughts on “I had his back.

      1. Maybe try and get to know about it 😉
        I got one more question..hehe..
        Did you share any of your blog’s content with them? I remember we discussed about it earlier.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah I remember. They still don’t look at my blog and I am very comfortable with it. I even had some comments by a couple of close friends that told me that they can’t read the dark ones, it’s too painful for them.
        I agree with you that once I know for sure about this change and that it isn’t just a phase I’ll mention it to them. But I truly feel that some things have definitely changed.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I can understand how friends feel when you talk about negative things and they can’t help you in any way.
        It’s great to know that you feel that things are changing for the better 😇

        Liked by 1 person

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