Today’s Progress

Please join us in this war. Your involvement is crucial, we have to be united.

Stoner on a rollercoaster

Trust me when I say its like a job.

I am gathering people on my mental health post..i have made a list of conditions..please suggest more. And I am searching for their blogs from wordpress reader..then inviting people.

Yesterday I invited Bipolar I focused on OCD..yesterday I am planning PTSD.

If I am not able to invite anyone. Please still feel free to join me. I am desperately looking for people randomly.

And if I have invited some of you twice thrice…well…again I m just desperately doing it..

The thing is I really got triggered by the scenario and being left alone so suddenly.

I have autoimmune site 3.5 years..i never did anything like that for it. I never got this urge to raise awareness asap. Maybe because it only effected me.

But with mental health the damage is way worse than I could ever imagine.

I think I…

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6 thoughts on “Today’s Progress

  1. Hey, I have depression and anxiety. Count me in. I’ve been thinking about spreading mental health awareness in my local community. I think it’s a great initiative of yours, Lawrence. Let’s make a difference 🙂

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    1. This initiative isn’t mine it is from and I am joining her as well as others. It would be great if you join too 🙂 ( I am bipolar 2 rapid cycles with an affective disorder as well as an anxiety disorder)


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