Let It Bleed Challenge

Before reading, please bear in mind that it is my FIRST EVER poem. I dedicate it to Saumya Agrawal from Randomness Inked and Auroraboros who strongly suggested and challenged me to write poems which I finally did. I am deadly scared to publish it but sometimes, it is good to get out of your comfort zone.


It was sharp and cold.

It cut them all.

It bled profusely.

Didn’t feel guilty.

Felt relief.

Will soon face my belief.


Peace and serenity




20 thoughts on “Let It Bleed Challenge

  1. Hey Lawrence, I just read your latest post and thought that I should catch up on your blog because I wanted to know about the positive vibes that you mentioned in today’s post. And I happened to discover this! I am on cloud nine right now.
    Really happy that you gave poetry a try finally.
    And about the poem, it speaks millions of things to me. It’s simply beautiful. Just hoping that none of your words have your personal experience.
    Sending positive vibes your way 😇

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    1. Your comments fill me with joy and reassure me as well on my capacity to writing poems. Your compliments put me on cloud nine. You have no idea how much they mean to me, especially coming from you. None of them are from experience except the fact that I tried to commit suicide a few times but not this way. I still encounter dark thoughts but I promise to the Forces and my family that I won’t do it again. So no worries there.
      I am sending you great vibes from the French mountains. 🙂

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