The constant pursuit of positivity.

It finally dawned on me that by continually searching for positivity you deal with procrastination at the same time. You don’t give it a chance to take over.

This week I forced myself to do positive deeds and go down my list of things to do where old chores were still being brought forward instead of being dealt with.

I force myself to get out there and do something in the forest, be productive physically while enjoying the nature and the beautiful scent of wildflowers that blossom during spring in our mountains. I started slowly by working only an hour as I am so out of shape that it is shameful. By the end of the week, I have already noticed that I am doing much better in term of stamina and psychologically as well.

I was beginning to see the benefits of positive thinking and the impact it had. It manifested itself concretely by filling out my tax return and posting it. Handling some problems that I had with the electricity company and the bank. Filling up our cooking gas tanks. Fixing few small things around the house and last but not least I did a complete oil change on both of our cars, changing the oil and air filters as well.

This last chore that I mentioned is not an easy thing for me to do as I hate it. I don’t enjoy any mechanical work. I do it because I have no other choice due to our financial situation. Don’t get me wrong. I love cars, motorcycles, and toys of this nature. And I had more than my fair share. I miss having a toy. My preference would go towards a bike, and if I could choose, I’d go for a Harley Davidson. I owned five of them during my lifetime, and they’re great bikes for me as I am a speed junky. Let me explain, the fact of riding a cruiser such as a Harley doesn’t entice you to drive fast as you don’t have an aggressive stand on the bike. You’re more laid back in term of sitting position which prevents you from going fast. The bike is so low to the ground that If you drive fast, you touch the pavement with your footpegs at every single curve. It would be a great mistake for me, for my life to get a fast bike.

The lesson that I’ve finally integrated this week (which I knew but never practiced). Is that despite all the adversity that fall on my head where I am powerless and can’t do anything about it. Is to accept them and move on, otherwise if I dwell on them, I start going south to negativity with everything that comes with it.

I knew about all the aspect of positivity thinking, but this time I put it to work, and the result is excellent. Even though I am still out of shape, my body aches from the physical work done and these are the same muscle pain that you get when you train. It is a constant reminder how important it is to be physically active. My famous “To Do List” that was getting longer and longer finally got reduced to almost nothing. This took care of my procrastination issue which was fuelling my anxiety and the feeling of being always overwhelmed.

After all these years of being reminded by everybody that positivity is the key towards happiness! Well, I think I finally got it.

Peace and serenity




18 thoughts on “The constant pursuit of positivity.

  1. I am pleased for you Lawrence a very good blog and great way to start thinking. I have days when i am thinking clearer and other days when as you know the darkness takes over. I just wish i could make the positive days eating days too. I awake some days and i feel ready to go for it, then something happens either on the way to work or at work and it puts me back in that dark place. Sorry i do not wish to bring you down in such a positive blog. Always here my friend.
    Peace and Love

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    1. Thank you for the compliment and don’t worry about bringing me down. I only know too well the darkness and where it takes you, as you know. So feel free to share these episodes. You can email me anytime if you to vent or share things.
      It is hard to be positive, especially when you’re just starting to practice it but I can say for sure, without any doubts that it is the only way to recovery and happiness. Will I have no more dark days, absolutely not, it is not because I choose to be positive that the darkness won’t grab me anymore. I know that I will revisit the darkness but I also know what to do to get out of there.
      Peace and serenity my brother

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      1. Thank you Lawrence for your kind words. I am slowly turning myself around to start thinking positively. Its a tough one some days. I am working on various things that i hope will lead to happiness in my life once again.
        Peace and Love to you my brother.

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