The impact of a few blogs.

Today was a great day for many reasons.

I finally start looking for the positive points that went on during my day instead of the opposite. It isn’t easy as I still feel very much depressed but I am chasing away as much as I can all this negative vibes and thoughts. As I mentioned, I started again meditating and working outdoors, don’t have the stamina anymore but it comes back if you keep at it. I believe forestry work is an excellent remedy.


Second, I had a very interesting conversation with one of my closest friend about blogging and my blog in particular. Several aspects of it were interested him such as, who was reading my post? What kind of audience and so on?

I started my long answer by stating a fact; my audience became the strongest support system I’ve ever had. Why? Because, regardless of the degree of darkness, and some of my posts are very dark and authentic, I ALWAYS receive so many words of encouragement, suggestion on how to deal with the current issue, heartwarming thoughts and sometimes realities that I don’t want to read but are true.

I believe that the vast majority of my follower suffer from some disorder(s) as well which explains the feeling to be understood as these people went through it and therefore can relate to my pains and can formulate advice and so forth. I also mentioned that my posts are read worldwide, throughout the globe which amazes me daily. The most interaction that I have are with Anglo-Saxons, the UK and North America (US & Canada). I have one French follower who is engaging with me as well and few other French but sporadically. Indians are communicating quite frequently and one Pakistani. This platform is fantastic, and I take this opportunity the thanks WordPress for all they are doing. I must their most pain in the you know where as I am constantly asking their help on technical issues.

I know my friend well, and I knew he had something to tell me. And he did. He said that most of the time when he reads one of my dark posts, he cannot finish them. It affected him too much. He told me that it was painful and frustrating to see your friend suffer and not be able to do anything to help. It is a matter of fact that few other close friends had told me the same thing. I can understand this, and in retrospect, I should have warned them no to read few blogs. I know as well that it is impossible for them to relate to the pains which are probably very upsetting, hence the feeling of frustration and powerless. I mention to two of them to stop reading all the post, when the title seems to be potentially dark,  just skip the article. The last thing I want to achieve is to make my friends feel bad or sorry for me.

They don’t deserve this at all.


Peace and serenity






6 thoughts on “The impact of a few blogs.

  1. Pleased to hear that you have had a positive day. It makes all the difference when things seem to going in the right direction. Getting out in the fresh always helps and the fact you have busied yourself with tasks is great.
    As for your friend I’m glad you have someone who has stepped up to support you.

    Keep the positivity going Lawrence

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      1. Unfortunately, I don’t have any plans quite the contrary which is worrying me sick, literally.
        I am trying to stay focus on positive thing as little as they may be, to change my mindset in order to not have a major collapse.


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