Tough Love Reminders

Simply the truth and some realities we don’t want see or choose not to see. Thank you Anita for this great article (which I printed)
Peace and serenity

Discovering Your Happiness

Hello loves, ❤

Below are tough love reminders that sometimes we just need to hear/read.

1. It is not your responsibility to make people understand why they are wrong. Similarly to how you can’t help those who do not want to be helped, you can’t show someone a light they’re completely uninterested in seeing. Sometimes all you can do is accept they won’t see your side, and move on.

2. Sometimes, it’s your fault. You’ve misstepped, you’ve misspoken, you’ve crossed a line. If you think that you’re never the problem when the same problem keeps coming up, it’s time to look in a mirror for the common denominator.

3. If you have the ability to work a job you love or to take your time looking for one, you have a privilege 90% of people do not and never will. Being able to work in an industry or in a…

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