Thirteen years ago.

Thirteen years ago, my youngest boy was born in Geneva. It was an emergency C-section as they were little sign or no signs of life of him in his mother’s womb.

Once he came out his umbilical cord was as black as charcoal. They had to resuscitate him five times before the doctors were able to send him the main hospital as he was born in a private clinic which wasn’t equipped for such emergencies. My wife had to stay behind and had to be taken care of as she just went under a major surgery. People tend to believe that a C-sections are a walk in the park, but it isn’t by any means.

At this point. I was in the ambulance with my boy who was fighting for his life, and his mother left behind with all these traumatic experiences to process alone and the worries linked to them.

When we reached the hospital, my child was taken to the pediatric ICU, where he was attended to immediately. It was when I realized that we were facing a significant problem. Sure enough, after few hours a team of doctors came to bring me up to speed. At this very moment, they could tell me that all of his organs gave way except his kidneys, which was essential otherwise he would have dyed. They also performed an entire blood transfusion as the platelets count was insufficient. They told me that there were no more reasons for me to stay as he was stable now and that I’d better go and take care of his mother, which I did.

My wife was calm but extremely angry and worried, understandably so. She wanted to see her boy, but the doctors objected to it as she was still under IV and they were afraid that moving around might open up the wound. She finally had her way, signed a release form, and we were on our way to the main hospital. She suffered tremendously, but her determination was stronger than the mental pain that she was undergoing.

Once we reached the main hospital, we went to take a look at our boy who wasn’t doing any better if not worse. His platelets count wasn’t holding. Something was dramatically wrong. My wife decided to stay in this hospital as she didn’t want to leave her child.

Our boy fought for his life for thirteen days undergoing three complete blood transfusion, three MRI to finally become stable and much more.

But there was some more bad news coming our way. While they were searching to solve the current problem, they found out that three-quarters of his white matter were destroyed. Which meant that he would be, at best, able to walk robotically, have a scattered speech without being able to go to school, and the worse was to be always in a wheelchair without being able to communicate.

His mother refused to believe that nothing could be done and she fought for two years through massage, physical therapies, fine motor skills therapies and mental stimulation, relentlessly reinforcing them at home.

The end result is a great one. We have a good-looking boy who goes to school, who is doing great in sport and art. To this day the doctors do not know how this outcome was possible.

It came with unconditional love, determination, and discipline. Thanks to his mother.



21 thoughts on “Thirteen years ago.

  1. I got scared in the middle…then i was smiling by the end.
    This is so beautiful. Nobody on earth can do what parents can do for us. Nobody can love us that way.
    I have seen a few more cases like that. Yesterday only i was telling my friend love and honesty in a family fixes everything.. it’s proven yet again 🙂 thanks for sharing

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  2. Thank you for sharing this amazing and moving story with us. So happy for you both that everything turned out well. An incredible son you have and a wonderful wife who never gave us. Blessings to you both.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s the fact that she was born on Earth Day that inspired me to write about this. He is Earth’s son as an atheist it fits my belief in the Powers of the Universe, my wife is a practicing Catholic, for her it was and still is a miracle.

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