Yesterday, one of my few friends who is still around forwarded to me the news that the man who betrayed us both had committed suicide. He drove off a cliff with his luxury car.

My initial feeling was absolute indifference. For me, he died a long time ago while I was grieving. It took me so long to get over his blatant betrayal that I wasn’t going to let this news revive the anger and the pain created by this individual and his lieutenants.

My wife was pleased to hear the news as she is a firm believer in karma and told me to write about it, about the betrayal and how he paid the ultimate price back. I told her that I wasn’t keen on the idea as I was wary that it might bring back a lot of negativity that took me so long to overcome.

Despite my strong will, I couldn’t help to think about it and as expected, it stirred up the past and made me revisit what had happened. I can’t tell you whether I am happy or not that he died even though he signed my death warrant when he fired me. He fired me for internal political reasons, nothing else. Nothing linked to my performances at all levels. He wasn’t the only one who wanted me out, but he was the one who signed the warrant. As a result, I wasn’t able to find a job back in the industry because of his decision. I had been ostracized. He was a very powerful man and the senior partner of the bank.

Because of him, my family and I are fighting for survival as we are broke and currently without employment and any sources of income. I have two teenagers who deserve to have a good education with what comes along with it. I can’t provide because of him.

Isn’t it ironic that a billionaire who had everything commits suicide and us who have nothing left, toppled with the fact that I have an incurable mental illness are still around?

He was always very elegant by the way he dressed and the way he talked. You would have definitely defined him as a gentleman. But don’t be fooled by the appearance, he was as dirty as any low life criminal. I could have gone to the authorities and gave him up. I decided not to do it as I am a decent man, not an angel, but an ethical person. I promised my grandfather to keep our family name clean, so I did, and I kept my mouth shut. I don’t stab in the back. I’ll stab facing you and look into your eyes as you are bleeding to your death, that I will do.

As I am writing my anger is coming back, and it is probably better that I stop here.

I can’t say that he fully paid back his debts for what he did as we don’t have any money back from him.

He is just an elegant dead backstabbing crook.







12 thoughts on “Revenge.

    1. That’s what I believe as well. He couldn’t carry all the horrible things he had done to so many people anymore. Hopefully, something will open up for me but it cannot be in finance anymore. I don’t want to have to deal with it.

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  1. Personally I don’t like the word revenge. It’s solves nothing and only adds more “shit’ to this world. Never..never give all your power away in your mind to someone. You still have all the Lawrenceness power that was gifted to you from the Great Spirit at birth. Nobody can take that away. Nobody. A life is a life and it’s sad to me he decided to end it instead of changing and living a life of love. Continuing to blame will solve nothing. Use your God given power and move forward my brother. Surrounding you with Light and Love❤️

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    1. You’re right on all count Dwight. When I read about his death it stirred up so much hatred and rage. I have to calm down and let go again but it is difficult when you are reminded daily by looking at your children and what he has destroyed. I’m an atheist and I have to turn to the Forces to give me the strength. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and your comments. Peace


  2. Interesting one Lawrence?? I have small idea about what you went through. Years ago i lost a job. In my eyes it was the people i worked with that conspired to get me out of the job. To this day i cannot even bring myself to fully think about it. These actions caused me to lose a job which i had worked very hard at. Today i find myself back in the same area as the company. Although i am working for a different company i still find it very hard to go there each day because of the memory of what happened all those years ago. Maybe i shouldn’t hang on to these thoughts, but it is the type of person i am. I find it hard to walk past the store even because i do not fully trust myself not to go in and vent my anger and upset over what happened. You may think how is this relevant to what you have posted about your former boss’s suicide? Well in my eyes if anything happened to any of these people who i feel betrayed me i would more than likely feel the same as you…………….It is a tough one. I am sure there are days when it sometimes crosses your mind but out of sight out of mind is the phrase that springs to mind. However when you hear of the suicide the whole episode comes flooding back with a vengeance. That is exactly how i feel going to work each day, yes i should move on as many who are sitting here reading this are probably saying but when it is right in your eye line it is very hard to forget. To this end i am certainly looking to not make my stay at this particular venue a long one. I have been there and done that as it were and feel the need to just get as far away as possible again. I admire you indifference. Do not let him win in death like he did in life……….

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    1. Thank you for your message Matt, you have no idea how much it means to me but I will explain later as I am a bit rushed. Could I have your email address as I would like to share some thoughts privately? Thank you, my good friend.

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