I Am Still Angry And Frustrated.

March 30th was the World Awareness Day, and nobody cared.

To my knowledge, no major media made any reference to it and mentioned the issues that we are facing. We missed a golden opportunity to raise awareness regarding our illness. A mandatory first step to start to break the stigmas.

Nobody did anything significant to make the public aware of our day. When I say nobody, I mean all the major bipolar international foundations and associations. A handful of people, including me, want to make a difference but have no impact due to our size. Hopefully one day I can put together a foundation managed by us, mentally ill people and start changing our status concretely.

I salute the initiative from the Asian Network of Bipolar Disorder for creating this event on Van Gogh’s birthday. Their association is backed by many high profile “non-profit” money-making machines which could have done something meaningful. I have a problem with these entities taking full advantage of our cause for their benefit and not doing anything relevant for us. Their claim to want to break and fight the stigmas and do nothing significant about it. They bet on the fact that nobody suffering from bipolarity will challenge and question them by asking, where the profits are going to and their purpose.


Well then, let me ask them:

Why wasn’t our day known and advertised worldwide in a significant manner?

Why haven’t we seen anything from the so-called non-profit foundations? No pertinent articles anywhere, no meaningful presence in the media, nothing?

What are their strategies for fighting the stigmas?

Where were they when President Trump blamed us for murders when he didn’t have any proof? Did they ask for an apology? Is it how they envision fighting stigmas?

The fact of not fighting back and remain silent implies consent. Instead of breaking this particular stigma they reinforced it. We are labeled as murderers. This is how we are now perceived.


Beware of what you read.

We are only one or two percent of the world population and not five percent as stated on the Asian website. What I have read, from the World Health Organization, is that the number could increase to four percent in the future.

This same website states that we are number sixth on the list of leading causes of disabilities by the WHO. I have spent hours searching for this list and couldn’t find it. Would you be so kind as to send me the link?

As I’ve just mentioned, I have spent hours on the WHO website, searching for information. I have read hundreds of pages filled with statistics and facts. My source is the WHO, which so far, has been the only reliable resource for facts, figures, and studies.

Our classification by the WHO is the following; we are at the top of the pyramid along with schizophrenia. We are part of the SMD group which stands for Severe Mental Disorder. Our illness is incurable. If you care to have more statistics about this subject, I suggest that you take a look at one of my former post: True Facts And Figures About Bipolarity.


I waited a few days to calm, but I am still angry and frustrated.


Peace and serenity









18 thoughts on “I Am Still Angry And Frustrated.

  1. What you said non-profits being run by people who don’t have bipolar reminded me of what people were saying yesterday about Autism Speaks not involving people with autism. I did some digging for stats, and here’s what I found (based on Disability-Adjusted Life Years metric):
    -According the the US National Institute for Mental Health, 7.4% of global DALYs are caused by mental conditions, and among these conditions, bipolar is the 6th leading cause of DALYs
    -There’s a comprehensive paper in the Lancet titled Disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) for 291 diseases and injuries in 21 regions, 1990–2010: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010. It includes a huge amount of data.
    -WHO has some update DALY numbers here:

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    1. They are attributing this number 6 position to leading causes of disabilities. There is no mention of death in their statement. I just think it is a coincidence. Anyway, I will look into it deeply as I’ve just browsed the three links you’ve kindly sent me. You’re right, it is a lot of data. The large amount of death due to depression is skewed in my opinion as I am sure lots of undiagnosed bipolars are in it. It is of course pure speculation on my part.

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  2. Lawrence, you may like then poem recently posted by the very talented Sarainalaland at https://wp.me/p7YRxx-SG. I am sorry to hear you feel so frustrated with the lack of action and awareness… There is a bright side though – the world is changing and people are growing more accepting. Though the movement itself may not be making as steady of progress as it could be, there is progress being made.

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  3. Perhaps you could put up a retrospective post about it. I did find a few things. A logo etc. I did a whole week on World Narcissistic Abuse Day. Perhaps you could make a feature on your blog. Who knows perhaps you could start something.
    There are quite a few famous people who are bipolar.

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  4. Mental health issues and days get swept under the carpet. The simple reason being is that because these issues cannot be seen so people believe that they don’t not exist. Just because someone “looks fine” doesn’t mean that isn’t an issue. People have to be educated, but so many do not understand or want to understand what some people are going through. The world is a cruel place……..

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  5. Humanity is a tipping scale. It surprises me, then fails me again. This is a prime example of what needs to change.
    I believe, in time, our numbers will grow. We just have to stand firm against the wall of doubt and misunderstanding.

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