Governments Want Stigmas.

President Trump may be what he is, brash and harsh, but at least they aren’t any ambiguities in his policies and opinions. He conveys his views to the world as he sees them. Trump goes straight to his point being politically correct not.  It is quite clear that he doesn’t care whether the press and the public think about it or him.

The attack on US soil in mid-Frebruary are still fresh in my mind, and my heart goes to the grieving families. I still resent President Trump’s first statement that the killer was mentally ill, without any proof of such. These affirmations hurt the mentally handicap community as it adds another layer of negative stigma. Whether the killer was or wasn’t ill doesn’t make any difference, the word is already out and so is the stigma.

I generally dislike President Trump and approve of President Macron (French President). But in this particular case, I will take Trump over Macron. The case I am referring to is last Friday Islamic terrorist attack at Aude. Again my heart goes out to the victims’ families. By reading several different articles issued by the press such as , Le Monde and Le Figaro. It makes it very clear that France was once again targeted by Islamic extremist. Nevertheless this is what Macron said:

«Nous avons, depuis plusieurs mois, une menace que l’on appelle “endogène”. C’est-à-dire que beaucoup d’individus se sont radicalisés eux-mêmes et ont des profils psychiatriques variés» Emmanuel Macron

The translation would be the following: We have, for several months, a threat that we call “endogenous.” Meaning the many individuals who have self-radicalized themselves and have different psychiatric profiles.

I am appalled by such sneaky and typical political statement which leaves him all the option to deny it or reinforce it. At least Trump has the guts to say it as he sees it, unlike Macron who’s message delivery damages the mentally ill the same way as Trump’s and reinforces Trump’s opinion that killers are crazy.

His opinion on the matter comes out of left field, and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. According to him, It is the oldest trick in books. The government, society always loved to blame mentally ill people as it defuses the real underlying problem. The crazy people scare the rest of the population, and they want it this way, “you never know what is going to be next!” Mental illness has always been blamed throughout history as we are the perfect scapegoat. Our status improved a bit, but he agrees with me that there is a lot more to be done.

He firmly believes that governments want to have stigmas related to mentally ill people for a reasons mentioned above. The fact of calling a killer crazy whether is an extremist or not discharge them from having to take responsibility for the deaths. By doing so the masses won’t question the lack of efficiency in dealing with terrorist. It is far easier to blame a defenseless part of the society, knowing very well that they won’t be any kind retaliation or reaction from our community.

He feels that my idea about the foundation is honorable, but he doubts its effectiveness. I am still convinced that we can improve our status, maybe not to the level I’d like to be. But at least we’ll have made some progress. Since it looks like it is a political matter, then let’s try to think like them. 44% of the population suffer some mental condition, this translates to a lot of voting power. Let’s assume that only half of it, which is still around 20% or even 10% will show up and join our war. Maybe this should be one of our strategies with the ONG, the voting power left out there to be grabbed by somebody who will defend our rights.

We can succeed if we are united.

Peace and serenity









2 thoughts on “Governments Want Stigmas.

  1. Oh what a difference a single word can make. If he had said psychological profiles rather than psychiatric, that could be the basis of a reasonable argument that there’s no easy way to profile terrorists because they have a variety of different traits and personality types. One would assume, though, that Macron is intelligent enough to know the difference and intentionally chose to go with stigma.

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    1. It’s amazing the power of words. I totally agree with you, Macron is very intelligent and he deliberately chose to go with the stigma. There is no doubt in my mind. After all, it looks like my doctor is right. They want to keep us in the dark.

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