Side Effects That Affect Others

The majority of people do not like to take medicine, especially drugs that are prescribed. Their reluctance is understandable as most drugs are poisonous to our organs and the side effects are strong and intolerable.

We don’t know and are not told precisely which drugs damage what. The visible physical side effects are obviously easier to identify.

I take seven different type of drugs which lead me to gain 25kg and every night I have to battle with myself for not raiding the fridge. I also have chronic constipation even after taking medicine against it. I can go days without going to the bathroom. Water retention and shaking are two others that bother me but aren’t daily problems.

Despite all this, I still take my meds religiously as I realized that I couldn’t function “normally” without them. I did it all with drugs; refuse to take them, self-medicating and I concluded that the only way to have some sense of normalcy and stability was to follow my treatment.

I haven’t met a person who doesn’t have some complaint or concern regarding long-term treatments, and for good reasons, especially for us who will have to take them until the end.

There is one side effect, amongst so many,  that reaches far beyond ourselves, it adds negativity and pressure on an already damaged and fragile family dynamic.

This side effect is memory loss.

Personally is it unbearable at times as I don’t remember things from the short-term and long-term memory. Data seemed to have been entirely erased.  It saddens me a lot to have forgotten so many family memories and other essential parts of my life. The doctor tells me not to worry about it, as it has to be expected with the treatment, and that they aren’t lost. I understand and accept it. It seems like good news, but it doesn’t help or solve the current situation.

This loss of the short-term memory generates a high level of frustration and can lead to conflicts and fights.

I am fully aware of the high level of frustration that it brings.

Having to repeat several times the same things and still ending up forgetting, severely disrupt considerably the day to day.

It doesn’t only generate frustration for them but me as well as I have to remind myself  things to do continually, I have some useful applications on my phone, but it doesn’t make it failproof. I live with this omnipresent anxiety of having forgotten something necessary along with the taught that it could lead to some potential conflict, truly bothers me. As it is my fault, I keep on apologizing for something that I caused but have no control over it.

I can only think of this side effect affecting the entire family, I am sure there are others, but I forgot…

Peace and serenity





8 thoughts on “Side Effects That Affect Others

  1. Is there not any alternative meds that you can take? Surely these side effects are bad enough for the doctor to review them? Or it is a case of these being the best that are available?? I hope i am not being to nosy? I just felt reading this that these side effects warrant a look into possibly trying some others?

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    1. You are not being nosy at all. I decided to be an open book therefore they are no inappropriate questions. My doctor knows about them and I simply have to deal with them as the treatment has been working well so far. It’s jus one of those things that I have to accept.

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