I had one of the most tormented night that I can remember. No matter what I attempted to do and stop the nightmare didn’t work. I tried everything:  getting out of bed to change my t-shirt which was soaked, had a glass of water, looked at my blog to try to shift my mind to something positive, nothing worked.

The demons and gargoyles went at it non stop. I woke up twice screaming and also fell out of bed as I was fighting somebody. The nightmare was so real and is still fresh in my mind and managed to shift my mood to negative. I guess I can take one positive aspect out of this which is that I found a new trigger.

I am very puzzled as to why it lasted for so long and what precipitated it?Yesterday was a pleasant day without any problems with anything or anybody. I didn’t notice anything in the nightmare that was related to a recent problem or trauma.

I, really am at a loss as to why. I vaguely remember one of my shrinks telling me that only recurring dreams or nightmares have a meaning. Each has to be dissected and analysed individually.

Can anybody explain to me the dreaming and nightmare process? And confirm or not whether what my doctor had told me is accurate?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Peace and serenity




17 thoughts on “Nightmares

  1. I can not tell you about that but I dreamt that the US was in active war. It was scary as we were hiding in our rooms being bombed. It sends shivers down my spine.

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  2. I have sleep paralysis and it is awful. I wake up gasping for air as I try to scream. I do not know about the process though. Sorry I can’t be more help!

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    1. whao! yours sounds far worse than my regular nightmares. I just hate finding myself on the floor as it isn’t the first time. There isn’t much info on nightmares unless I’m looking at the wrong place. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and for your answer. Peace and serenity

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  3. A lot of things I’ve researched about nightmares get into the spiritual side of things and although I do believe in God I also believe there is more to a nightmare than a demonic presence…

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  4. The idea I’ve heard that makes sense to me is that much of the long-term memory encoding work our brain does happens during the REM phase of sleep, the same phase in which dreaming occurs. I think of it as sort of a memory filing cabinet; if your brain happens to file a memory from the day next to a difficult memory from the past, then that’s likely to prompt a nightmare.

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    1. This definitely make some sense. It has to be linked with memories of events stored in our “RAM” or “SSD” and probably are being erased via dreams or nightmares. But what triggers and nightmare vs a dream. Why some are so vivid and others not. I don’t think we have the answer. But as I mentioned how about the same nightmares coming over and over? I don’t know but I find it fascinating.

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  5. I think (no expert), that you might be fighting a thing, not a person? Have any goals that have been challenging? Maybe not in a negative way. Challenges can make us feel strong too.

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    1. Anything is possible really, all explanations are valid which makes it even more of a history but you may be on to something with challenges as I am going through a major one. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and comment on it. I really appreciated you input. Peace


    1. Hello Matt, This is a brilliant idea, I would have never thought about it. I will do it in the future as I have forgotten most of my nightmare, which is a good thing but bad for testing google. Having said that I can bank on having some more and try your truly great idea. Thanks a lot my friend. Peace

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