Will We Be Ever Able to Eradicate Stigmas?

One topic where we can have hours of debates and lots of ink flowing over it and not come up with any conclusion. In a way, it is understandable, as this phenomenon is fluid and is always evolving.

Its impact is different depending on the many cultures we have around the world. It also has a robust philosophical hold on society, which stands on where people are coming from as well as religion, family structure, social, economic status, etc.

The World Health Organization probably has factored in some of the related issues mentioned above.

Nevertheless; stigmas are the only one to come up twice on the same chart in two different places. ( True Facts and Figures About Bipolarity). I was quite shocked when I realized it. I believed stigmas were responsible for substantial hardship but not for being directly linked to death. I have read most of the 82 pages report published by the WHO on SMD (Severe Mental Disorder), and it was an eye-opener.

On the many different reasons contributing to our shorter life expectancy is the “Absence Of Relevant Policies and Guidelines.” It proved to me that we are not represented adequately and not treated as equal within our world; both in legislation and in society. We are a section of the general population that is entirely disregarded. As I was suspecting it, this implies that we are not taken into account on policies, as an example the European Convention on Human Rights. We do not exist legally in the broader sense of the term.

Sadly, to this day, it seems that nothing seems to have been done, we still do not possess relevant policies and guidelines. And as we stand nothing will change because we don’t do enough.

We all want to break the stigmas surrounding us. There isn’t any doubt it in my mind. Some people work very hard it; such as ashleyleia, who mentioned answering idiotic questions and stupid statements in her Quora article. As others fight as well to break the stigmas, these are real; concrete needed actions.

We also need to make some more noise. We have to find a way to be in the public eye. I’ve tried with the White House following Trump’s remarks but got nowhere. (No big surprise really). We have to be seen and heard in media. I still have some connections, and maybe they will be willing to help. Despite to lack of finance, I haven’t given up on my, non-profit, NGO to gain access to the world organizations and try to make things change. This is probably the best way to tackle the problem, from two very different angles, a two prongs approach.

I firmly believe that we have to fight back right away with Trump’s comments or anyone else. Because If we don’t, it implies that we give in, therefore accept them, and they will eventually become one more stigma to break. We cannot afford it as we have so many to deal with already.

We all know it will not be an easy and overnight fight. It will take years as it took others to fight their battles against injustice.

What saddens me a bit is the fact that Trumps gets remarks, sometimes violent ones towards his statements and politics. But nothing was honestly carried through for us, and we received no acknowledgment publicly for the damages he has done for us. I’ve read that some “experts” voice their indignations and condemned the administration. I had to look hard to find anything as we are right under the radar.


Peace and serenity








2 thoughts on “Will We Be Ever Able to Eradicate Stigmas?

  1. Experience has taught me that there are some people you will never get through to. God seems to teach them their lessons through life. I mean the number of times I have seen ignorant, prejudiced people suddenly find they have to deal with the very thing they are ignorant or prejudiced about within their own family.

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