We Deserve An Apology.

Since February 15, we haven’t seen or heard any apology from President Trump concerning his harmful comments regarding the mentally ill community in regards to the shootings in Florida.

With the exception of few mental health specialists and advocates whom publicly defended us as a non-violent community and mentioned the damaging comments adding stigmas that we do not need. For them, I am forever grateful.

Then why am I so angry? Angry is not the word, furious is more adequate. I don’t know who infuriates me more; the entire American and European mental organizations, foundations, associations or others. The President’s demeaning words towards our community and stigmatizing even more mentally ill people while so many are trying to break them.

From our side, none of these organizations stepped up to the plate, fought for us and demanded an official apology They are a disgrace as well as despicable and should have their status of non-profit organizations removed and pay taxes as any other companies as they are not, non-profit organizations in my books. Their nonaction speaks louder than their seminars. They hide behind our misery to make money in a tax-free environment. It’s simply outrageous. It dawned on me that economics were the reasons for keeping quiet, they have too much to lose by rocking the boat.

We will build our own organization run by mentally ill people. It will be the only way to get something done. I am currently looking at what would be the best legal structure to form our entity. I am looking into NGOs since I am so close to all the International Organizations in Geneva but I’m contemplating as well at Foundation and others.

By letting this go by without a word let alone a fight from us, we cannot afford to allow them to add one more layer of acidic stigma to settle on top of us. We are now killers| What’s next?

Are we going to stand for this? No, we’re not. We have a right to be heard. Whether they like it or not, we are humans and part of the general population. Furthermore the President, self-described as “a very stable genius” should have absolutely no problem understanding our claim and how sensitive it is. He has to realize the harm that he has done with his comment, he has alienated us even more and deepened the cleavage between the mentally ill community and the rest of society. We deserve an apology.

A small parenthesis; associating Trump with “very stable genius” in the same sentence looks like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?

One should be reminded that mental illness spares no one and strikes all races, all ages, male, female, LGBT, religions, social economic status. Despite our large number, we are mute, we are never considered or included in political campaigns and legislation. We do not have the same legal rights as others. I spent time reading 57 pages of The European Convention On Human Rights of 2002 and not once are we mentioned except for incarceration.

I have contacted the White House on February 22nd, 2018.

They have a site for issuing petitions and explaining the process. First, you need to send an email with a relevant question, which I did. My questions were; can a non-American resident file a petition and can the signatures required be issued by non-American residents. I should get the answer shortly.

Like I said if we don’t do ourselves nobody else will.

Let’s assume that we can go forward. We will need from the day the petition is filed, 100,000 signatures within 30 days. I don’t mind leading this project but I need to know beforehand if we have a chance to collect so many signatures.

For this, I need an answer from all of you, as I am too inexperienced with the blogging community and I don’t know if we have this kind of firepower.

Peace and serenity,



White House 1st email Feb 22 2018









19 thoughts on “We Deserve An Apology.

  1. I think your aim is good, but there’s a fundamental piece that’s missing. Donald Trump is not a reasonable individual. He has no interest in facts, and dismisses any opinions other than his own as “fake news”. I’m not saying we shouldn’t speak up about this issue, but focusing that in his direction could be like shouting into a black hole.

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    1. My real hidden goal is to make some noise and build a track record as a united front of mentally ill people running an organization without the so called experts, because we have the brain power to do so. My hope is that we will be a force to reckon with and shows results. Trump will never care about us or apologize. But the fact of us going after him will show that we mean business. I want to change the perception that you can do or say whatever you want about us and nothing happens. I would like to use this incident as a stepping stone for us.

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    2. In order for us to reach the goal of being a powerful organization, we need to start somewhere. I need to build a documented file with an action plan showing actions taken or tried, initiatives taken and so forth in order to able to knock at the door of major international bodies such as the WHO. It is a long journey with major hurdles that we are facing but it is not unrealistic. In my former life I was fairly used to high profile and power wars as I had several in my career. I want this to be my last war, the last battle and the most important for us, our children and we will succeed.

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  2. Very good points about the stigmatization of mental health. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe people with mental issues are at least 8 times more likely to be VICTIMS than perpetrators of violent crime. It sickens me that mental health agencies are remaining silent. I don’t know what it’s like for international media, but I know in America, there’s always an excuse or insult for killers of different colors. According to the news here, it is as follows: If he’s black, then he’s a thug. If he’s Middle Eastern, then he’s a terrorist. If he’s Latino, then he’s an illegal immigrant. If he’s white, then it’s just a mental illness. That’s the way it goes with mainstream news narratives which is faulty, racist, and intellectually insulting. I hate how certain criminals get treated better than innocent people.

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    1. Thanks so much for ready my post.
      I couldn’t agree with you more! I believe you are correct about the ratio of mentally ill being victims. I recall reading about it somewhere, I’ll try to confirm it. What I forgot to include is that we are far more dangerous to ourselves than others. Do you thinks we could gather 100k signatures? Thanks for your support.

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      1. I wanna do things to help not to make it worse, now I have second thoughts as I had a lukewarm reaction to my post regarding the apology. Maybe I’m too much “in your face” but I can change I used to deal with the government and some big shot. Maybe I should change the approach. I’m a bit lost suddenly.

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      2. Yeah! You’re right. I’m like a bull in a china closet. I have to step back and think about this. Today I realized something, we created the stigmas by not fighting against them. We validated them by our silence. Something has to be done by us and I have to figure out how to go about it. We can’t just watch this shit going on with Trump and be silent. We can’t expect to have others fight our battle.

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  3. Great post and could cause as you know i will support you. I must agree with ashleyleia however……….. Mr Trump is a man who has only one interest and that Mr Trump. The man does not think before he speaks and has very little understanding of the real world that exists outside his little bubble that is filled with yes men. By talking about mental health as difference can be made, that of making more and more people aware that it does happen to anyone and sometimes can be very hard to identify. By speaking out and posting on the internet etc…. more people will be less afraid and will be able to reach out for help. Keep spreading the word and lets make people aware that it is ok to reach out for help and support……………

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    1. Thanks a lot Matt but it seems that some people do not like my “in your face” style. What they have to understand is that it is a tactic to make noise in order to be heard. Once we are beginning to be heard we can opt for a more diplomatic approach (have to) to reach our goals. Peace and serenity and thanks again for your support.

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      1. I am so sorry to read that you are going through so much stress. If you don’t mind me saying, please be very careful that it doesn’t become TOO much stress. This is what crushed me and forced me to end my 30 years career. It came to a point where I couldn’t handle anything anymore. I was burned out.

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