The Silver Lining,

A few days ago I published a post called “Pain The Ultimate Teacher”. In it, I mentioned the silver lining and what I meant by it.

The overwhelming experience that followed my last post were the definitions of what the silver lining is all about.

Following my last message mentioning my incident.

I received so many positive and encouraging comments along with tips on how to cope with it, motivational pep talks, compliments, emails and much more. The people chose different means to communicate with me as they were probably concerned with the sensitive comments that I had written.

Some of the suggestions and recommendations on how to deal with it were known to me, but for some reason when it comes to myself, I seldom, if ever, use or follow them. What I am trying to say regardless of the person’s knowledge or experience on how to deal with situations it is always well advised to speak up and repeat it again and again.

Even though the marble ball is still here, it has a lesser effect on me which I attribute to the overwhelming support that I received from our community. But more so, I firmly believe that all these positive messages were bundled up together by the Cosmic Forces and their energies had been gathered and channeled to me by the Forces to stop me from falling further.

I am ever so thankful for every single one of you, for your support and quick response to my message. I was totally baffled to see such response. I did not expect this at all as I am so new to this new world of blogging within the bipolar community. You all made me feel that I belong here and wanted and this is such a wonderful feeling.

This confirms what I was hoping to see one day; is the fact that we have a community and a strong one. We will find a way to rally together and make the changes that have to be made and break the stigmas that damage us daily. The power is within us, the community, to tackle the establishment.

Today I went to the psychologist, total waste of time. She proudly told me that there will be a week a mental illness awareness throughout France. I don’t think she’d expected such a strong negative reaction, on my part to such news. I told her what I wrote so many times, that these events are doing nothing for us except making money for whoever is attending. I challenged her to give me one example of their effectiveness. Well, she couldn’t. I further went on by saying that only us, mentally ill people, can do something for ourselves and I questioned her why they weren’t any of us participating. I, for sure, wasn’t invited to speak. She came up with some bogus reason which I already forgot.

Sorry for going off a tangent.

To go back to my rough episode filled with tremendous pain. When the dust settled a bit, I was able to reflect on what had happened. I could see the positive light behind the clouds, the silver lining, I witness the healing power, the beauty, and kindness that humans can portray, and it all came from mentally ill people. So much for us being killers…

Peace and serenity



4 thoughts on “The Silver Lining,

  1. People with mental illness regardless of how it manifests itself need to stick together. So many people out there do not understand the suffering we go through whilst looking “fine” on the outside. I would not say that the trip to the psychologist was a waste of time if you do not mind me saying. She may not have offered the help or the answers you desired. Think of it on this side of the page instead. You still got to unload your thoughts and demons that bombard your head daily. Like i said you may not have got the help or answers but you cleared a little bit of space in your head for a small chink of positiveness to appear. That is how i have seen various therapists i have seen. Stay strong my brother………………..

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    1. Fighting very hard these past few days as I don’t have a solution for my problems but I can assure that I am fighting on both fronts.
      Your remarks are spot on, she just pissed me off ,as you probably know it is a subject that infuriates me.
      I will do my very best
      Thanks Bro…!

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      1. Thank you, my dear friend. It means a lot to have a support when things go sideways. I find it extremely difficult to be rational when I’m going through any kind of crises, hence the importance of support. Peace and love to you as well and I hope that your stress level has gone down a notch or two.

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