The Right To Die.

“– If assisted dying was legalized and made available to those suffering from incurable mental illness, people would not need to resort to suicide methods that cause trauma and disruption to others (e.g. jumping in front of a train).

– Just because someone is depressed or suicidal, doesn’t mean they are thinking “irrationally”. In fact, such people are often highly intelligent.

– Many suicides are not spontaneous acts of desperation, but the end result of years worth of suffering and failed attempts at recovery.

– Suicide is not a cowardly act, but labeling it as such is.”

What is quoted above is true and brutally real, these are few excerpts borrowed from one of Ashe’s, must read, blog about suicide. (It is on my page as I have reblogged it)

This issue has to be dealt quickly as we have currently, according to the World Health Organization, one suicide every 40 seconds in the world due to depression which translates to nearly 800,000 deaths per year. This qualifies as a genocide. How many more years are we going to tolerate it? If the cause were something else, such as an epidemic. I would bet my bottom dollar that something would have been done already.

Mental illness carries so many negative and dangerously false preconceived stigmas. These stigmas are extremely destructive on every level, from the day to day living up to humans’ death. They really need to be addressed head-on, by us, as we are the best testimony that we are not a product derived from evil.

We are witnessing is a segment of the population that is voluntarily put aside as we are deemed useless and costly. We are handled as if we were contagious and harmful to others.

It is appalling and shameful.

Where are the professionals who are supposed to help and heal? Some are there and doing a great job and I am the living proof of it. But, the others, the blood-sucking creatures that are capitalizing on our pain and never-ending suffering. Where are they? In seminars maybe!

I firmly believe that all these suicides were carefully planned and resulted in a cruel death. Any plan to commit suicide is an act of violence; jumping off a bridge, throwing yourself in front of a train or car, slicing your wrists and more. Is it something that an ill person deserves?

Maybe it is easier for me to talk about this sensitive subject as I am an atheist who believes in life and then death which is simply the end of life without any ramifications. I respect all religious beliefs which think that there is something in the afterlife. I don’t have the arrogance to claim whether I am right and religious people aren’t. Regardless of what we believe, one human is dying every 40 seconds from depression.

All of this is to preface what I am going to write.

Assisted Dying. I am not going to paraphrase the quotes mentioned above as they cannot be written in a better way. For us who have an incurable mental illness, please let us go in a dignified and gentle way. The deed will be done regardless, therefore isn’t it better for the person and the family to cope with it this way.

Regardless we all must acknowledge and accept the horrible reality of suicides and these tragic statistics.

They are not going to disappear by enchantment. It is another crucial issue that we have to deal with and fight for.

We can not let this genocide carry on as it has.


Peace and serenity





7 thoughts on “The Right To Die.

    1. ~laughs~ You know it is ok Lawrence, I don’t think Savannah would worry too much either.
      Easy to make a mistake when one topic/post has been bounced around a lot through different people. No harm, no foul.
      Hope that you had some good news. I’ll catch up when I’m not on the verge of killing someone.
      Be good Monsieur Lion! ~peeks your cheek and runs off~

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