Rapping Bipolarity

A few years ago my wife came to me and asked me to listen to a rap song (link below). My initial reaction was negative and I was quite reluctant to listen to it as I didn’t like rapping at all. But she managed to convince me and I am so thankful that she did.

After having listened to it, I totally collapse in tears, luckily I was in bed as all my energy suddenly left me. I had never experienced something like this before as my pain and anger were flushed out.

This artist, Jeff Lowery 1, managed in one song, to sum up, everything I felt and opened the gate for me to come to realize and accept my bipolarity. I’ve just tried today to locate this artist on the web but I wasn’t able to do so. I wanted to express him my gratitude for releasing the shackles of shame that were binding me.

Now the old fart that I am finally realized that some rapper and modern-day poets.




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