Only bipolars can have bipolars listen to them.

This could be my first “controversial” post.

I have two major problems; one is with celebrities coming forward and stating that they suffer from bipolarity and the other is a Bipolar Foundation in North America.

.What you will read is my opinion and my opinion only, and not a blanket statement in the name of the bipolar community

I believe that it is fair to say that we all agree on two goals:

  1. Break the stigmas and the misconceptions about bipolarity.
  2. Integrating ourselves in the working community on a level playing field.

Some famous people state suffering from bipolarity but the illness doesn’t define them.

The second part of the sentence (in bold) is probably the statement that gets my blood boiling the most.

Go tell anyone of us who are suffering from bipolarity, battling daily with their demons, losing their family, losing their job, going through hell with the day to day and having to choose whether to eat or pay some bills, suffering from the drugs’ side effects, fighting addiction(s).

Please, go ahead and tell us that bipolarity doesn’t define us.

One of my shrinks told me, a while back, “You create the life you have”, that pissed me off so badly that I walked out of his office, went to a bar and got drunk. Needless to say, that I rejected it for a long time as I was using my bipolarity as an excuse for the mess I had created. His answer was; “It’s YOU that did it, nobody else”. Yes, it was harsh but I came to realize that it was true.

We are accountable for the emotional and financial chaos we create. So how can we say that it doesn’t define us since it had affected all the decisions we have made. We cannot hide behind it and use it as an excuse, it is part of who we are and has a massive weight on the decisions we take.

Once I had accepted this fact, things changed. I became more disciplined with my medication, started to exercise, meditate, etc. This raw and rough encounter made me realize that I had some power in me to try to change my state of mind, behaviors, and decisions since the illness is a part of me and I can have some ways to control it.

We are all working hard to try to break the stigmas. To be treated equally as others. We are all working hard to not be discriminated. We are all working very hard to have society accept us within its workforce.

We have celebrities coming forward mentioning that they suffer from bipolarity because they want to raise awareness? They probably have their hearts in the right place but to raise awareness for what? Nothing good has come out of it for us!

They are rich and have something to fall back on, unlike me who is totally broke, and probably like lots of us. This illness is a deterrent for us getting us hired.

By coming, celebrities are probably unconsciously adding another layer in between us and the rest of society. As such it seems that we are part of a special elitist club. A segment of society where money, fame, and intelligence are key ingredients needed in order to be part of it.

This is clearly not helping as we are trying to break the stigmas in order to blend in.

The only people who will have an impact on breaking the stigmas are regular bipolar people. The blogs are a great vector. I’m currently working with the Head Psychiatrist of a large region in France to go to people’s home and try to help them out with their problems. My doctor’s reasoning is that only bipolars can have bipolars listen to them, this is the most effective approach. For some reason, bipolars have difficulties listening to professionals.

In France, companies are required to have 10 percent of their staff comprised of physically or mentally handicap persons. Hopefully with the support of my doctor next on my list will be a visit to the World Health Organization. In hopes that the WHO will impose on the European Union the same criteria as in France and the rest of the world if possible. Before I tackle this issue I need to have a more “solid” blog to enhance my credibility.

The point that annoys me tremendously is the North American Foundation. They claim they are fighting for our cause and they want to break the stigmas.

I offered to write for them (benevolently) on their site to have a bipolar point of view but they snubbed me twice. They just don’t give a damn. All they want is high profile shrinks, PhDs, psychologists etc. They have their frequent webinars which are for the most part mental masturbation. They absolutely do nothing for us. Nothing tangible. They are doing more harm to us than the celebrities. And the most beautiful thing about this is that, to them, the world consists only of North America. The rest of world has no importance. So much for helping a cause. I’m sure they do very well for themselves “fighting for a cause” that they have no clue about since they disregard bipolars opinions or interventions.

Peace and serenity



23 thoughts on “Only bipolars can have bipolars listen to them.

  1. I enjoyed this as well as identified with this. It is difficult to articulate the many ways the bipolar can affect your life, and I believe you are right in saying it’s because it’s apart of us. I have never heard, or read, it explained so clearly.

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  2. ~laughs~ This might sound strange coming from me but I too believe that our demons “do not define who we are”. At the same time, it DOES define who we are, our lives and the problems we face.

    We might be bipolar, an addict, depressed, abused- insert label of choice here —> _____.
    Along with that demon we are children, fathers, mothers, friends, lovers, sons, daughters etc etc.
    We are writers, artists, teachers, bankers etc etc.
    We are nerds, geeks, jocks.
    All those words, those labels, and more beside, define who we are as a person.
    We are all these things, and more, rolled into one single being along with our demon to spice things up.

    You know what it’s like Lawrence, you meet a person for the first time. Become friendly. If you’ve been friendly a while you decide to tell them a bit about your demon. Just so they know. Just so there are not any nasty surprises.
    Honesty is the best policy after all.
    But as soon as that word, that, label leaves your tongue.. dun dun drrrrrr
    Their face changes. You can see anything and everything from fear to disgust cross their features.
    Their stance changes. They might cross their arms to shield themselves from you in case it is contagious. They might take a step or two backward ready to flee at the first opportunity, they fear you. No, they fear the label.
    You could be a saint that feds starving children but to someone that doesn’t understand, you become NOTHING but a label.

    The above is what I think those famous people you mention are trying to get out into the world.

    I can understand your anger at the people saying these things because at times our demon can consume us. At times we do become nothing but our demon. All the other good, positive things we were just fall by the wayside one by one. Until there is nothing but that label left.

    I think the problem comes from society (the ‘normals’, the ‘others’) and its inability to see past the label that defines what our demon is. Their inability to understand, to empathize, with somebody outside their inner circle. With somebody outside the ‘norm’.

    What we do not understand, we fear.

    To the majority of others out there, we are NOTHING but our demons. That cannot see past that LABEL.

    This mindset needs to change if we hope to save people.

    I love the work you are doing in an attempt to change things. That drive to not just talk about your demon but to go to the higher levels of society to make your voice heard is something truly commendable.
    (Honestly, I can’t say I have high hopes of you, others like you, having you voice heard. To truly have a voice you need ‘clout’ to be heard, us little people, we have no clout. We have no voice. But hey, stranger things have happened. ~laughs~).

    Keep up the good work Lawrence.

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      1. You inspire me a lot…No bullshit. It’s like you’re inside my head, you say so many things that are so astute about me and my functioning or more like disfunctioning. You always manage to come from a different angle. It’s just amazing, it has never happened to me. Sometimes I really don’t like what you say but after reflecting on it, I have to admit and accept that it is true. I’ll get back to you with more stuff but right now I’m fried. To much noise in my head. Got to cool off and put my thoughts in some sort of order. Thanks for taking the time to exchange experiences with me. It takes away some of the loneliness.


  3. ~smiles broadly~ I’m glad that I have been able to help you gain some clarity over certain things.
    ~chuckles nodding~ Aye, we rarely like the truth when it is given to us. I think that’s why people like us have so much trouble with family, friends and professionals. We just don’t listen. Goes in one ear and out the other.

    Take your time, as I said before, what is going on on your side of the screen is much more more important than anything online.

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    1. I gotta run in a few, I have some coaching to do with a bipolar and teach some English!
      I’ll get back to you on the friends and family and the little people as these are two points where I’d like to give you my take on it.


  4. Hi there! Hope you’re well.
    Last night I couldn’t sleep, I probably had about 3 hours. I found myself sleeping in my chair with my head on the keyboard (maybe too much whiskey too).
    I had written about a thousand words for you but when I re-read this morning, I deleted it all as it was pure verbal diarrhea and made no sense, even to me.
    You brought some very interesting points in your comments and I wanted to share my opinion with you about them.
    Today I have to go to Geneva to coach a bipolar and teach English. I’ll be back tonight and will try to formulate something to you that makes sense.
    Peace and serenity


  5. ~chuckles~ You can’t sleep while I’ve been doing nothing but sleep. Heading back to bed after I this, just thought I’d check to see if there were any comments.
    I too have fallen asleep with my head on the keyboard. In my case it was over-exhaustion.

    Awww it’s a shame you deleted what you wrote. I try not to delete anything these days. Something can always be “saved”. Not to mention being drunk you would have rattled off quite a number of truthful things.
    Alcohol makes people tell the truth. Best truth serum in the world. The user spouts off truth and then doesn’t remember when they wake up. ~laughs~

    I hope the coaching thingy goes well, as does the teaching. I’ll be here whenever you find the time to write what you need to. 🙂

    Take care, and be good!


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  6. Thanks, everything went well. I found this new vocation, I love making people feel better about themselves and guide them if they wish to. The English lessons (one on one only, totally tailored made to the student needs) are 90% of the time a blast, we have loads of fun and they learn so much quicker in a relaxed atmosphere.
    Once again, you are right IN VINO VERITAS. If they said back then, it must be true, right?
    What threw me out of whack today is a letter from my lawyer which I had to answer right, I hate getting pressured, these days are over. I have a nasty lawsuit going on with my shitty Italian family. So much for the famiglia. They make me wanna vomit.

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  7. Well said Lawrence. I have no idea of the struggles that people with bipolar go through on a daily basis. Reading your blog has certainly made me more aware of the condition. Keep going in your fight. Keep going in bid to make people aware of the condition. You certainly rely on me to be behind you 100%

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    1. Thank you so very much for your VERY important support. It means the world to me because 1. it is genuine, 2. it prooves and validates that my message is understood. 3. you’ve made me happy.
      One thing is for sure, I will keep on fighting. On this aspect, there is no doubt. My closest friend reminded me one day, not too long ago (after I had my last suicidal thoughts). I called him, I wasn’t feeling good and told him that I wanted to give up. He went ballistic. He reminded me that I pledge to the Bushido code and therefore I had no rights or options but to fight until the very end. Furthermore, I have 3 children who need me as a father, a guide and an example.
      His strong reaction had a very powerful impact on me and since then, never once did I think about giving up and he is right there are no other options but to fight and move on. I can promise you that I will carry the fight.
      Again your support that I feel, your kind and motivating comments do wonders to me.
      Thanks mate and have a great weekend.

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      1. Anytime Lawrence. I feel i understand a little bit more about your condition with each blog i read. Keep them up. Remember it is your space on the internet you write what you feel and want to. I hope you have enjoyed your weekend….

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  8. Wow it sounds like your doing great things for our bipolar community. That’s awesome! When you spoke of your doctors comment about it being your fault and then you realized that he was speaking true words was great. Only because I can totally relate to it right now. I recently started meditation and am trying to figure out a way to embrace and live with it (cause it ain’t going nowhere) rather than run and hide from the world. I know the world is very cruel when it comes to mental illness, mostly I think because its like the fear of the unknown to them. But I think working on myself and preparing myself with tools to work with my illness will help me be okay. Keep up the good work!!!

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    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article. And thank you too for the compliments. Meditation helped me and helps up to a certain extent. Unfortunately, only meds really do the trick. Peace and serenity


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