Enough is enough!

I am sick and tired of the stupidities and ignorance that come out of people’s mouth.

My former best friend told me straight to my face, in public, that “It’s all in my head and I should snap out of it”.

Firstly, of course, it is in my head, where else should you suspect expect a mental illness to be.

Secondly, “Snap out of it”, would he tell a person in a wheelchair to stop its nonsense and walk!

After a cooling down period and a bit a thinking that I realized the negative bias and stigma regarding bipolars. This true regardless of their age, intelligence, culture etc. We are a bi-racial family and I heard idiotic remarks from both side. Ignorance and stupidity don’t have any color, sex or age. What is amazing to me is the fact that when I was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder, everybody was fine with it. But when I was diagnosed with Bipolarity and told my close “friend”, the perception changed as well as their behaviors.

Frankly, I do not comprehend why. It is not a contagious disease, we are harmless, it doesn’t make us violent. The only people in danger are ourselves and what we can do, which ranges from self-mutilation to suicide and anything in between.

It dawned on me that people will not change until they understand what the illness is all about. We have to break the stigmas ourselves, they won’t make the effort, we have to be proactive if we want to restore our dignity in society and the advantages that come along with it. Jobs where we can express ourselves with our different mindsets and views, our creativity and all the attributes that they don’t possess.

We have to be united and have a voice. The web is a fantastic vector but we need more. I am planning to contact several NGO, the WHO and the University Hospital of Geneva and few foundations dealing with mental illness. But before I do so (I live about 2 hours away from Geneva) I need to have a stronger blog. Having said that, I think that I am off to a good start!

Peace and serenity




9 thoughts on “Enough is enough!

  1. Your “friend” sadly like many in society when the subject of mental health comes up have very little capability to take it on board and understand. Because they cannot see the physical as it were they lack the capacity to register and acknowledge that any particular person has a problem. They see a broken leg for example they immediately see the problem. It is why many many suffer in silence because they are afraid of what people will say or in most cases not say. I talk a lot about my issues but i can tell when i talk to certain people they just do not get it. Like your “friend” you can see the words “its all in your head” and “just snap out of it” forming in their minds as they listen to you spill your poisonous thoughts from your head. The best lines i have had from telling people about my eating disorder have been “you just need to eat a big fat burger” or one that i have had on loads of occasions “come live with me i’ll feed you up” Yes what a cracking couple of lines to come out with. I could of course just go and eat and eat what i like but the reality of the illness is that the guilt that will come after that binge will be of catastrophic my whole world would disintegrate in front of my very eyes. In some ways i feel sorry for people who have no concept of a mental illness, on the other side of the coin i have a small tinge of admiration for them. For these are the people in my eyes are the successful people of the world. They have managed to make their way through life with blinkers on letting nothing or nobody step in the way.
    Your blog is great Lawrence do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Most of all its your space of the internet you write and post what you feel. I challenge people to read my blog. I have people i know that read it and have true sympathy with what i am going through. I have others read it because they are nosy and like nothing more than knowing others business so they can gossip about it. Let them read let them think what they like. At the end of the day as i am quickly realising that the people who really care are the ones have a true understanding of what you are going through………..

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    1. Hello Matt,
      Thank you for your words of encouragement and support.
      You are right, it is all about people who genuinely care and have a true understanding of what we are dealing on a daily basis. The toxic ones are not worth the attention.
      I needed to spit my venom and to get it out of my chest.
      Thank you again for your kindness

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