Toxic People

Get rid of them!
There is no other alternative. They’re a hazard to your health, as they will hurt you. It is just a matter of time. This is what I found out after my “coming out”.
It is a difficult and painful task to accomplish, as some of the toxic people can be very close to you. I will share my experience on this even though I haven’t finished the cleansing process.
When I first mentioned my illness to friends and business contacts. I didn’t get much of a reaction except that they were sorry for me.
Afterwards, very few, whom I trusted, had a neutral or positive reaction. This from both fronts: the business and the private.
From the friend side, a handful survived the rest avoided me, didn’t answer my calls or replied to my messages. Some pretty awful comments came back to me. I even had an aunt who told my wife “That’s what you get for marrying an atheist, you deserve what you got”. Now she is dying from a rare illness and was given at most five years. The cosmic forces are always present and work their ways.
Two friends stood out for me and were there, supporting me on all fronts. Two very good friends are all need and I feel extremely fortunate to have them.
From the business side, there is not much to report as they all fled, diplomatically with excuses when contacted. I’ve tried several times without any results and then I stopped.
I was hurt and angry for a long while but with time I realized the damage they had done to me. They were all toxic and polluted my life. Now they are gone for good.
Do not let years fool you. How long you know an individual isn’t a determining factor for being stabbed or betrayed by him/her. In my case; the one that hurt me the most was my best friend for nearly forty years and I know one of my two good friends for three or four years only.
There is a strange and evil phenomenon that can happen when you mention your illness to someone.
It took me by surprised but taught me a lot about trust and integrity.
Lawrence Illoc


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