Introduction And Purpose Of This Blog

This new blog is meant for people who wish to share their life experiences whether they are battling with this illness or living with someone who has it. This is a serious blog, where I will share my life experiences in all honesty as a bipolar. Some topics will be very sensitive therefore I kindly ask people to refrain from sarcasm and hurtful comments.


It is written in English in order to reach a larger part of the population but its main aim is to target continental Europe, especially Switzerland and France, where I live. We can converse in both English and French as I am perfectly bilingual (lived 30 years in North America and my mother tongue is French). My plan is to translate, in the near future, all article in French as not everybody speaks English in my target audience.


Why create a blog?

The first reason is that, here in Europe, unlike the USA, we don’t have many ways to express or share our experiences or issues.

The second reason, which could be a consequence of the first, is to try to break the stigmas and negative preconceived ideas about mental health. This is especially true for Switzerland and France.

I’d like to believe that it is due to the lack of information and education about the illness. After all, we only are about 80,000 people in Switzerland. Apparently, the percentage is growing according to new studies and we should reach four percent of the population. This is not only true for Switzerland but for the rest of the world as well.


Eventually, I would like to create an association staffed by bipolars only and hold lectures, seminars throughout Europe starting with France, where I reside and Switzerland (where I’m from).


I am not a doctor or a psychologist. My goal with this blog is to give people a way to express themselves, their pain(s) or joy(s) with anything related with this disease and have someone to talk to who doesn’t only understands but knows how it feels.

The idea came to me as I couldn’t find anything like it on the web. They are blogs but not what I was looking for. The International Bipolar Foundation snubbed my emails. I was willing to share publicly my feelings but they only want to have the so-called professionals voicing their opinions, writings and having seminars. They have no idea of what it is to live with this curse. They are a bit like priests who tell you how to raise your children and dealing with marital issues as they have no experience in it for obvious reasons.


This is a new experience for me and I really hope it will achieve what I’m aiming for which are: sharing, relief, compassion, and empathy.

My initial goal is to write about one topic or event per week and see how it goes. I may increase it to two articles like I said this is all new to me, therefore, will be evolving.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and participation.

Lawrence Illoc


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